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Monday, December 29, 2008

(^ yet another potential worker for Mr.B..

(^ just got a beautifulness box from this animator as well.

Radiohead - "Everything in its Right Place" Unofficial Music Video from Mike LeTendre on Vimeo.

(^ what I like most is his ability to learn pretty darn quicklike.

(^ who knows. maybe he'll end up reverse engineering some stripped down to storyboard level content, during the next year, unless his guitars become too in demand for him to stop making them.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

(^interesting sidenote: trapt creator may mix in.

(^ hmmn. decided maybe emmyme's test gif fits here pretty go0Dd:

thebloodyhatchet sent USe a message on YouTube:
bh> Collaborate with Mr. Bickford?
You recently posed the question on one of my videos. My answer of course is that it would be an honor! If I can ever be of any assistance at all, please let me know!

If you haven't seen it yet, here's a link to my portfolio site: www.mileskalbach.com
Please send my best to Mr. Bickford! I hope to hear from you soon!
(^ so yes he did.
(^ perhaps you can too.

Monday, December 22, 2008

(^ trance scribnotes from '1994 jinnspeak^)

(^ ok. this here's a test of a text dump from long long ago.
(^ put out here mostly to study and reality check on things I said while living on a nebraskan farm after running away from L.A=
=========don't bother reading this post.===============
(^ this relates to communication systems in general and music theory:
(^ prosody:
(^ the way different people and cultures recognize and develop attachments
(^ to different responses to outside input.


(^as of 2/08/97: I am starting to go over this agaIN..
much of this was transcribed from a cassette tape labeled
" Diggedy Jinn Talks "((side a))
or "Jiggedy Dinn Spokered" ((side b))
(^I'll refer to these as "DJt" or "DJs"
both were recorded in Dec of 1994.
wed. 8:10.
ok, finers.
use and/or give this bitmap to anyone who wants to hurt their eyes.
(it tiles VERY well on desktops).
this image was originally created
as an illustration for the below poem...

cathode raybot

(yes... know..

I am aware that it doesn't translate to ascii very well,

but what can eWe do?)

NOW's the time: vVV
the time' (S)now.

(: form simplification /symbolization
of and for (t)old truths:)
.to make a piece with the passed - tense add age.

that "hissss" you hear and see
is the screech of
over organization.
all combining awe combine:
the knowing of no gaps.
white noise: (once called static)
is never still.
" noise " does not exist in stasis:
" white " is alive with color:
whitenoise's sight/sound is
so v a s t ;
so loud;
so hued;
ingesting so
much so f a s t
can so choke.

So few can take it in all at once.
SOme can't intake it
once at all!
it takes your breadth:
and yet it has all/no width;

There is just too much

w H I T e
.............N o I S e.................

..Ayend,.. (^ DJt.. near end.. then flipped to DJs ^)


(mumbling.....) all: right?

I am a juggler
NOT a justice woman .

What I mean by this
is that,
or the other thing.

I balance three thinGks
@ once,
knot 2.

My balance
s e e / s a w
effective affectation.

Whenever I am "truly" balanced,
My hands (and thAughts)
are consistantly, constantly moving.

In the midst of weighing issues,
I sometimes find myself
having to choose whether
to ju(d)ggle or (K)no(W).

It's been said,
(well, not recently, but in my past)

"Hey, he's pretty good at balancing ...
Let HIM figure it! "
....and then I'm given things to hold on to.


I start juggling.

Then the ranting occurs.

"no, no, NO ! Don't TOSS those!
'Just figure out how much they wwEIGHhh !! "

...................well, that's not how I balance.............

you (k)NO(w),
if asked, "Oh, my! What time is it ?"
I tend to reply,
"It's time to EAT ! 'tis time to SLEEP ! Be MARRIED! "
I wont say,
"It's six thirty point forty five seconds and counting..."

knowing that I juggle thoughts
puts me in an awkward position
when in the company of small minds.

I have to keep putting down the clubs and balls;

ewe know,
juggling in a small space is hazardous to those around USE.
ewe've gotta give me some roaminig room..
or yah might get hurt..
I pack up my ballbearings
and go homespun...

I'm not always in a position where juggler' s stances are appreciated.

When I'm in the company of those whose minds' dance,
my moves get watched.....
out of necessity .

Just because I put my balls away
doesn't mean that I know how to measure in or with scales.
I don't ! ....or at least .... I refuse to remember how...

This is where people get confused with and by me.
they say ,
"HEY ! Measuring by the scales does NOT
'seem to be beyond your aBILities!"
and I reply,
"no, it's a different format than my abilities allow...
'when I start thinking in that way it hampers my ability..
to juggle..."
.......does this make any sense?
to you?
......it would if your mind was dancing..:>)


to think linearly:
to think in terms of balance meaning stasis
instead of balance meaning movement
hinders my ability to juggle in the future.
I therefore may seem irate when I hear people saying
"HEY ! stop!.slow down! Let ME show you what I mean."
....what they are trying to show me?
how to balance like everyone else does.
With two feet firmly planted on the floor.
If I do that consistantly,
I will forget how to balance on one toe.
So, please don't be offended
when I tend to be a little beligerant in saying
"No, that's ok ...You can stand that way,
but my standing on two feet would be

CORPSE STREAM NOTE: Jig's trade secret

The stance of the jiggity jinn's is always odd.
if moving on one, three, five, etc..
you can access the jinn. as long as things are not even .

As soon as everything is in balance: (2,4,6,8,10 ),
he won't show up.
The Jinn's soul reason for becoming is to balance every thing out.
Therfore, as long as you're in the even land, he has no existant purpose.
.he's the odd man out, you see... ok ?
Jigg's that final vote to bring things "now we're even, steven"
and after that, he'll leave you clueless.

CORPSE STREAM NOTE: ((^DJs" ^))Jig's grade secretary:

pulp section.. (see *.. pulp1.txt + ? )


nursery: a place where baby animals, humans, or plants are cared for.


.. going to nursery school does not secondarily mean you are a child,
it could be you are taking classes in order to care for the young
......possibly..? ...good.
In this game, "nursery school" is something that adults must go to
in order to be allowed to raise anything.
Because adults tend to forget how to care for their young,
There, their young take care of them!
and yet, they have no idea .It never would occur to them .
Adults forget to tend that much...

BananaJump from Jan Tappé on Vimeo.

****************wednesday 8:40p(nope)
((^reworking awl this data.. 2day=1/19/97.. and it's 12 high nooners. ^))

Handset and Graphall are into the paper pulp...
((^they are pulp fiction writers....^))

I've got most of the beginning documented in script form; already typed.
see the "pulp1.txt" under file "e:>thinks/tales/1pulp/pulp1.txt "

The nursery is where the children are taking the seeds of the trees
that their parents are ripping down to create trails through this forest,
looking for the gingerbread home in which they actually live in.

The adults can't remember where they live.
They think they live to work.
They should be working to breed....
Looking for thier past... in the future, is what the parents are doing.

They're looking for how to give children what parents never got to have.
Trying to pass down dreams to their kids
dreams of missed opportunities
from the adults' own childhood past.

Adults don't realize
that the children they have,
have different dreams than they.

Not all children want to go to college to become doctors or lawyers
like their parents wanted to and weren't able to succeed at.

Yuppyism is a dead language. It's a bad art now.

You dont want to move TO America when you live IN America.
You can't want to escape FROM "the bad life" while you're IN "the good life".

...does that make since ?

Adults are trying to escape FROM the BETTER life TO the BEST life.
The problem is..
The best life is the life you are IN.
You can altar your suroundings, but you can't change them.
You can change your view.
The nursery is
where children and small plants and animals hangout.
The nursery school is
where parenting is taught.
in this game,
the nursery happens to be where one of the jinns hangs out.
in this nursery, the nursery rymes are most important.
Jig looks like a small child
but he's actually manipulating the children
into not hurting each other.
and teaching how to make things grow..

((^ " DJt "..back to begin of first side)=================================

working stiff.....
well good moUrning

today is the 22nd of december 1994
and brian is riding across the country in a car.
and I was just trying to search
through a double bummer bongwater tape
for a particular song and have given up.

but while doing so I came across a line ..
and that line is....

"ToMORrow I'll find it ! " the trumpeter screams;
then remembers he's hungry ...
then drowns in his dreams' ...

Well, I've been soaking up the rays of "wake up sleeping" ((^another cassette^))
while driving across the country
and trying to remember a dream
that doesn't quite come easily..uh

so in the meantime let me describe
Jiggiddy Jinn which is a ....

no I think I'd rather do Repunzle Club Foot
since I just saw a good image for it.....
but I feel like I've lost it.....I..I'm not there yet.

what shall we talk about..what should we talk about.

womban: < what shall we talk about
bRYEn: >(^ ya.
womban: < when you **jumped on you said
you were dreaming
and the guys you talked to yesterday or the day before
talked the last few hours.... we had to run in and get coffee
bRYEn: >(^ arrr.arr.arr aright..
womban: < no it sounds interesting I can wait or something

bRYE: >(^ ya,poor baby....alright let me see something here.
one way of accessing the jiggiddy jinn story
or the story of the fire effritti trap..
the fire-effritti pig tapped in his own .
on the inside of an oil lamp.

there is a straw house.
this oil lamp is in the treasure trove room of the **mcClurbin dragon .
how do you get into the oil lamp to blow out the candle
that this pig sitting in swammy clothes si sitting in front of.
with his eyes saucer like, huge big round, like
...have your ever seen white labradory.. lab pig.. I mean not pig ..
a mouse a white albino mouse with red eyes.
this is what you see except

it's a pig wearing a turban
sitting in front of this very large candle
that looks more like a roman candle
like a firework ..sitting in front of him...
he's sitting cross-legged
holding the outer edges of this roman candle
with his feet...
he's got his hands behind him and he's sort of in this 'Lotus" yoga position.
and he's got.what is it called...
the bottom of the arch of his feet holding this roman candle.

The roman candle is about 4 1/2 or 5 inches in diameter .
it's supposed to sky rocket into outer space,right. ?
and then blow up. it's a sort of firework.
at least that's what I've got in my head
even if "roman candle" isnt what I'm looking for.

it sounds right..and even if it isnt, well.

So ...
what I'm thinking of is the candle
to describe this candle that he's holding onto
is about 4 1/2 or 5 in.,in diameter.
basketball diameter is too wide
baseball is too small.
it's about the thickness of a normal football,
just a little too large to put your hand around
you know it'd take two hands to put it around
they'd almost touch but not quite.

(mummbling from others in the car)

ummmm volley ball is too big
soccerball is too big.
but it's the diameter fo a football
where you're about two inches from putting your hand all the way around it.
it is about 4 foot tall, maybe only three foot.
(depending on how much game you've played)
but above this yard of a candle made of wax,
spiraled psychodelic colored wax,
it looks like it's been dipped in opal.
it has an oil slick color
the color of a soap bubble candle.

A soap bubble candle,

that's what we're looking at,
yes sirry bob.

the whole candle.
oh my,
oh thankyou.
good moUrning
you guys are here now.
yea you guys woke up at that one.

the fire effritti pig lives in an oil lamp
very much like your typical alladin shape,
it's clear and crystal glass like sleeping beauty's slipper
--whoops! sleeping beauty's slipper?
well yes.-- huh

sleeping beauty's casket and also cinderella's slipper. yes.

and what you see when you come in
when you see this lying on the ground
is this illuminated flashlight or something off in the corner
that's sort of grayish,
if you pick up this sort of
glass slipper of an oil lamp
you will see smoke and fire
and it's shimmering the colors ..
it's a prism..---
this oil lamp is designed as a prism...

I'm getting thrown off because talking to the machine
while my mother sits and nods yea I got it go on
it's very funny I'm yea yea you got it alright

so there's this prism like smoke filled oil lamp
the way you enter it is
that you have to pick up the magic beans
that are sitting close to the lamp
that's sitting next to an expresso machine.
in this treasure trove.

because you have to get really small to climb in there

or you can just take the lamp with you.

but the way that you..
once you know how to get to
if you end up with him as this tool
if you end up carrying around this lamp with this fire effritti in it

you dont if you rub the lamp
you'll just make it really nice and shiny
what you have to do is
eat chocolate covered coffee beans
to get into you have to do some sort of hallucnigen,
in essence,
you have to eat something
you have partake of something
you have drink,
you have to go over to alice in wonderlands little thing
and find all those nice little cookies that say eat me.
you have to do something that
allows you to shrink to the point where you get in.
you have to do something that seems almost suicidal in nature.
um definately not protective.
sometimes if you make the kind of moves that
put yourself in a sacrificing position in life
or in this game.
you will find if you have that thing with you,
eWE'll will find it's like your let one last request
it's like your last rights
you because you were a good boy,
your a bad survivor.


image of woven head watcherwrite right rite

muskrats?!(^ yes.knOWE:

what do they have to do with good providers or bad boys...
those are beaver huts I presume.. muskrat huts
what are muskrats, small beavers?
they're a different specious

most of the time, blah balahlksahdnaweg

no, the deal with soap bubble:
this one last wish.
your last rights.

the ashes to ashes dust to dust senario...

is that if you are caught between a rock and a hard place
and you decide to lie down on the hard place
and put the rock on your stomach.
and take both,
dont settle for half,

take both you will find yourself with jiggiddy jinn.

if you find yourself between two people who are fighting
and they're screaming "take a side!!"....DON'T.
and you also refuse, more importantly.. to walk away.

if you take a side you are a butcher,
if you walk away you are a baker and your just going to hang out
until everybody's finished with the fray,/foray..

-but -
if you stay between the two and say
"in either case I'm going to die because I wont move"
much like ghandi with his
"I would rather starve to death in a world of war
' than I would live with my friends killing each other."

if you find yourself doing such a thing
you will again access jiggity jinn.

The fire-effritti's purpose in life
is to try desperately to make a better world
or die in the attempt to do so.

and he's not satisfied with a win lose situation.
it is always either a win-win or a lose-lose.

he doesn't like lose -loses.
what he tends to do is say
"it is either a win-win situation ,
or I will **aquies,
and help you win by my dying. ..
and sacrifice my life for the betterment of man,
human,toad,and grass kind..."

he'd most likly say it almost like that.
very non-sensical man.
he makes short little silly statements like

"in a kill or be killed world, give me plan B'

and he'll hold up his thumb, instead of you know ,
he may count with his fingers...
kill(1) or be killed(2) world and he holds up a peace sign.
then he says give me plan B and holds up a thumb
and looking into the camera he'll like he's pushing the big red button
so he'll swing his finger up ..

"In a
kill.(1)(^gun kapow mime)
or be killed (2,)(^ peace) world, give me plan
( then he swings his down his thumb to press the button) B'

" there's no reason to survive and have the comic death of blood on your hands.
he refuses to play pilot.
" this aint no pilot thang." he says
"hey that lokies like a really cool thing. jesus!
I'm going to give you this wreath we're going to plan the play prince/pauper.

if history were being replayed with the jinn as pilot (paunchous lil' bugger)

jinn would of switched places with jesus and said ..

pawncheese PILOT: > "ok now ...what would you do in this situation, jesus?
you are now pilot, I'm you.
that has become my position.
I dont see any difference between me and you
except I'm in the place of power
so ....
I relinquish my power to you.
here's my robe,
here's my little oil/lawrally wreath
and now you get to decide wether or not to crucify me.
or to set me free or what. ..EHver!...."

and he would have done it, too.

you know,
that's the kind of bizarre motions this guy will do.
he wont make sence to anyone.
he shouldn't make sence to most people because he's,....he's.. (^sigh)

he's actually telling you how to win.

fire-effrit is in essence god incarnate
but he's a very disgruntled god incarnate.

he's a very wise old sage that refuses to make much sense anymore.
and he also refuses to be human.
he refuses to be what he knows so well how to do.

you know it now....
and you say ....'how do you live ?'
'I dont know'
or you come up..

and ask "HOW do eWe live?"
he says 'by dying'

if you asked him 'WHY do u live?'
he says "to help you to figure out how'"

so when talking with this creature that lives inside this bubble of a lantern
who's holding in his feet a four foot long by 4.5 inch diameter roman candle,
I know what it is..
it's one of those mailing tubes with six inches sparking arching.
what it is is he's got a roman candle turned backwards
it's like a rocket
that instead of flying up into outer space
and going off and lighting up the sky
he's got it pointed it directly at the earth
and he's lit the thing.

it's like...
he's holding up this bomb in front of his face,
watching the fuse spark.
and he's very amazed ,
he's waiting for what will happen next.
at first I thought he was sitting in a straw house
lighting candles and watching the house burn down around him

but I like the idea that instead//
it's this very large fire rocket but he has it backwards,
he's got it pointed at the ground
you light the thing and it just a try to push the earth out of it's way
so that it can fly into the sky
so that it can explode.

in some ways
I imagine a small child trying to push by the adult
and the adult had the palm of his hand on the forehead of the child
and he's holding the kid at bay
and the child is trying to push
and swinging wildly with his arms
trying to get past this large man in his way.

have you ever seen this phnomenon where you got ..

in essence that's what this man is doing.
this fire-effritti pig
and what you gotta do is
figure out how to put out the candle.
before he'll even bother talking to you
if you try to put out the candle
you're taking a chance on blowing up yourself
in order to save some strange pig that you dont have any idea about

but he's ...

.it's like juggling with knives and torches and somebody would come along and say

" look out ! you're gonna hurt yourself! "
and push him out of the way
and get stabbed to death by all of the juggling knives coming down.

and jinn'd think:.. " hey that's a pretty good trip! ,
thanks for your concern.
if people showed more concern like that
there'd be a lot less of the bloody mess than there is tHere."
*********************thurs 7:23pm

********************friday 5:29pm
and then you would find yourself fine and dandy
and then you would just look around and find out
all these daggers that you thought you had jumped into the middle of
were actually sword fish
so you smell funny
but it was just an illusion.

every thing about this man is an illusion.

nothing is real
but he always looks... like-
-he's like a circus geek who's putting nails to his feet
or doing a lot of grotesque, horific comedy-

he's making fun of how frightened people are of death.
when it's such an easy thing to get over..

it's funny,
it doesn't last that long
you find yourself here again all the time .
it's not like we can stop it.
the point being
if you sacrifice yourself ,
you die
you reincarnate
as an other character

****************fri 5:39pm

**************sun 2:55am
and there is a file called "father time grown old."((^*.ftgm)

grandfather time grown old.
in which there is a beacon.
most likely very much like the oil lamp,
same color of saturation,
which is lots of slear a little bit of white,
opal colored or oil slick,
or soap bubble.

you know each of those images,

try to super-impose those all into one object.
greasy, beautiful, yet toxic.
a fragile soap that could clense you
if there were more of it but there isnt .

it's just one bubble worth.

a bubble bobble , that is on the point of turning black and white,
breaking into little square patterns,
and bursting.
watch a soap bubble someday,
you'll see that's exactly what it does-

starts off with oil slick color
falls into a gray light pattern,
then explodes.

this oil lamp is one of the tools
that is a mixture of
the sands of time of father time
and the illuminating lantern fo the good sheppard
bringing his flock home at the end of the day.

when father time grows old
and becomes doctor death
] this rainbow colored figure-eight **luminsate shape of a lantern
the top end becomes dust.
(I'm trying to think what color dust would be the best)
like soot but it's not soot. ok you have brown sand that
( I'm trying to think of the right color to explain)
human skin dust. it's this off sandy-gray brown but it has....(
that's it I've got it, I've definately got it now.)

you play the game.
depending on wether you take constuctive or destructive actions.
the color the sands of your life shall be saturated..
-color saturated a little different.

ashes to ashes, dust to dust is a statement that is not said
but is implied by the colors of this limnisat when you die
and then are reborn into this nest of next character(s).

you get to see this lantern
that's been turned on it's side
like a lunch box
and on the left side are ashes
and on the right side is dust.
and the color of the dust will kind of give you a clue
of wether your going to get to play
the bad guy,
the good guy,
or the indifferent guy,
with the next game your about to play.

and what moves you make in the next game
will alter whether you are
a butcher,
a baker ,
or a candlestick maker.

you can play the same games over and over again
but you have to know how to do it.
otherwise it's a random pattern.
if you figure out..
(oh,put it this way)

if you know how to move around in a house and somebody says
" go to the bedroom." most of the time,
(unless you're in a very small house),
you turn to them and say "which one!?'

but if you've never been in the house and somebody says
" go to the bedroom.!"

you say ok,cool and you run around rampantly
until you find a room that happens to have a bed in it
and say 'ok I'm there now'.

you understand?

so, there are ways to finding your way
thru the worlds of Lillith dread Hennah,
Lilly Red riding herd, Bo Peeper's lost,
and jiggiddy jinn, and The McClurbin dragon,
and the handset and graffits.

there are ways to get into each of their houses,
but to know how,
you have to either have experienced them
or you you have to have a cheat book.

jiggiddy jinn ids the cheat book.

he is the one that actually has all the answers of the game.
he's not going to play the game.
it's much like asking God,
how does a man live.
god can tell you
and you say
well why aren't you doing it?
and he'd say
'been there done that'
'why should I ?, I'm god! '.
(just because I may know how
to be a first grader
doesn't mean I want
to have to do it again.)

or somebody who's lived thru a holocaust
may know how to live in a bomb shelter,
that doesn't necessarily mean they want the next button pressed.

just because you have skills does not condem you to use them.

how's that for ya. ?!

even though I've eaten meat,
even though I know how to strip a goose,
even though I know how to flock some sheep,
doesn't mean I must,
it merely means I have.

and maybe that's part of the game
of why that god can forgive
or whatever.

it's saying that
the real trial is not to avoid evil at all costs.
it's to have lived thru evil and then choose not to.

those are the ones that have redeeming qualities.
those are the people that can enter the kingdom of heaven.

otherwise you have to wait until you screw up at least once.

because if somebody is rich then they can be very charitable,
it doesn't take much. it's no skin off their nose, or their back.
the challange is to be charitable when to do so would do you harm.

you have to make sacrifices,
this is not the same as being charitable
when the charity causes you no damage.

so it's finding situations that inable you to help out
no matter what's going on.
but the wild card is to help out when it will cause you to die
and still you help out..
this will give you extra time and access to extra levels of the game.

this is confusing....
because my mom is sitting here
nodding that she understands..(hheee hee) so ..

womban: < I thought I was supposed to listen.
bRYE: >(^ well of course your supposed to listen,
but I need to get others peoples input.
I was laughing because I wasnt sure....
I'm making a lot of facial ticks and movements
I'm using my hands a lot while I describe things.
I will not have those available to me when I listen to this cassette later.
I'm trying to describe things in a formatte that without hand jestures
one will still get the essence or feeling across.

of this candle.
I almost want to make people put in dots.
dot dot dot for every second that goes by with a pause
like that's five dots
and that's three.
and between.and then writing with force.
large words,
small words
crecendo words
which would be in small font
very smmmalllll at the beginning
and then it gets larrrgggger at the end of the word

. writing *phoenetically,
((^Finnigan's wakelike^))
saying phoenetically speaking.
.... dramatically speaking,...of course.
I like that line better.

so you'd have this chartacter of the fire-effrit
shows up all over the game in different guises,
what normally will give away that it's likely to be the little clue monster
is something subtle,
like he's got some rainbow-colored aspect about him
. or he's got a plus-minus on his belt.
or he's ..standing in a puddle of oil slick.
they'll always be some sort of minor clue....
or it might be the person who's committed suicide in the corner
...laughing while he does so.
if you've ever seen Harold and Maude,
harold was doing the same thing.
he was coping with the exsistance of living in a strange world
by constantly pretending to commit suicide...drove his mother crazy.
(k)NOW.. if you talk to this crazy person,

the juggler, the jester, the harliquinn romance novelist in the corner...
or maybe it's the harliquinn romance nobel prize winner in the corner..
.that'd be a little closer. ......
will show up when you find yourself stuck in the game,
like if you've been playing the same senario for too long,
you've walked around .......
you're supposed to walk around the building three times and then enter...
well you've walked around 85 times,
ok you're stuck,.......
well at some point during you're stuck...
the fire-effritti will come along in one guise or another
...he may even be the scarecrow hung up on a pole on the edge of the forest
**Ovall where there's a branch......
and you keep walking to the left or to the right.
and then you come across the same fork in the road
but there's now a scarecrow there
and ..if you dont get the clue there.,.........
the point is you have to turn around.
the only way you get anywhere in the forrest Ovall
is to walk around randomly and then retrace your steps.
if you never retrace your steps
you never get anywhere.

because ..
home is where the heart is
and this game is set up as a globe.
..it;'s an in-out not forward-backward motion...

so what you do is you leave home
and when you come back, time has passed,
so now you're in a different home....
ok you're not moving to home1
to home2
you're moving to home1 to home again.
and so home 1,2,3,4,10,86,24,...
are merely differences in time.
and things change constantly right behind your back
and all you have to do is turn around..

most people move forward without ever taking a few steps back
like a bunny hop.
have you ever done that ?
..the bunny hop?...(singing..da de da dadunna...da de da dedunna..)
...one step back , two steps back, three steps forward.. .
well if you're playing this game with someone else who's not playing it...
you try to go backwards, backwards,
and you find yourself 1 1/2 steps back bumping
into something.that wasn't there a second ago.
cause their moving forward and you moved back and
oooooh! contact, ta da!.
.good morning, who are you....?

oh I'm the guy who's fallowing you!

huh, well you want to go in front of me,
cause I like backing up now and then..

well I'm ploding along forward
and I think going backward is kinda ridiculous
and it's counter-productive.

well all right then, you just go ahead of me... here.
and I'll just(singing) kicking to the left, kicking to the right ,
back up back up, forward, forward, forward....

you gotta play the game that way.
it's just the way it is.

you're reaching to the left,
you're reaching to the right
and you find yourself
hugging the people to either side of you...
then you're backing up
into whatever cute cuddly large breasted women is back there, also...
and THEN you're moving forward..
and now you have three friends with you!!

**********sun 4:29am

**********sun 5:55am
but if you plod along forward ..

just plod and over and over
just plod and plod.
gotta move into the future.
gotta keep going....
you never take the time
to slow down and
hug your kids.

you never take the time to slow down and
notice the family.
there's nothing familar about the future
only about the past and the present...
you have to look to your left,
look to your right ,
back up a touch,
then move forward...
gather your interests to you and then go

...dont just run hells bells through the forest.
what are you nuts?!
whats going to happen when you trip over that log.?
....when (yes, I see the.the..)

here's a good example:

when traveling down hill ..
on skis,
one must not go forever forward.
..one must hedge back and forth.
.left,right,left,right..dont try to go down..
you're going to go down wether you like it or not..

if you dont want to break your neck,
dont go rushing pell mell forward,
go to the left
go to the right,
the forward will take care of itself.

snow plowing breaks your knee caps!

you cant slow down forward.
go to the left, go to the right, go to the left, go to the right
ta da di da ... (ballet song)
and you just keep going forward.
with or without your permission, forward
(um, there's a line by Laurie Anderson...
the future..you are forever falling forward..
.you, um, timelines forever pulling you forward into the future.
there's a line by Patti Smith
'the present, it's just moving too fast' oops! it's gone.,it's gone.)

sometimes to bides one time is the best way to move forward.
you cant become a corproate mogol with three weeks of college.
you gonna have to sit still for a couple of years
to become a teacher...
...you gotta sleep so much,
ya know,
the quicker,faster you move;
the more you spin your wheels.....
slow down to speed up...

.these are some of the kinds of things the jiggiddy jinn would say
to someone who's running hell mell thru the forest
and doing nothing
but finding themselves doing nothing
but making more and more trails and never getting anywhere.......(break)

womban:(mumbling) < hopefully in some small way
making other people happy...
though I know I could never do a perfect job of it.
If I happen to have a few happy times along the way...
that's nice..........

((^.........ah. the idea of putting up big walls and sitting back
in the corner for fear of....

bRYEr >(^ the infringing?
womban: < infringing..... or getting hurt ...

bRYEr: >(^ it's not necessarily about getting hurt, janet,
it's about keeping from harming other people..
it's keeping harm out of their way...

janet: < I was permitted to share some thoughts..and now I dont understand

bRYEr Patch: >(^ I'm trying to clarify my motives

janet: you cut me off when I was just getting ready to say that---

:).............fearing,fearing , you know trying to be sensitive
or trying not to overwhelm other people.
infringe on or ....
push for more than they're ready for at the moment
doesn't necessarily mean ,
you know,
putting up big walls
cause well
that seems kind of harsh.
I guess what I'm striving for is
to be ready and open and available.
but also trying to be sensitive to
what other people are in the mood for

or are ready for,
or have time for,
or whatever.

bri: alright, I am a juggler (etc. return to begin.)
*************sun 6:29 am

total time: 5 hours 17 minutes
d I'll just(singing) kicking to the left, kicking to the right ,
back up back up.....

buh dum pum pumb!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

dan bern drifts thru. his comment on un café love by mark lagana

(^ well! got to show thas guy this piece from a talented Aussie:

un café love
by mark lagana

un café love from mark lagana on Vimeo.

========(^ i sent him a link: got this back:========

to windupwinded@gmail.com
date Thu, Dec 18, 2008 at 11:52 AM
subject RE: (^ deadpan stop motion .
(^I been talkin to this guy:

details from Dec 18

Reply: > really good. loved it. thanks for showing.

> Date: Wed, 17 Dec 2008 11:25:05 -0800
> From: windupwinded@gmail.com
> alsoTo: someone@bolexbrothers.co.uk
> Subject: (^ deadpan stop motion .
> (^I been talkin to this guy:
> http://www.vimeo.com/1401906

(^ so who knows.
(^ maybe adhoc muddrift isn't dead yet.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

(^ the tree room I helped design

(^ just got off the phone with the man that lives up in ere.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

(^ with greatful permission of the author(s):

idothing wrote:

...(^ eWE dote on hinges.
(^ HA! he up and seperated it out for me! the gag was this: we never spoke. i called and left a random chunk of noise to a non asked question. and he slapped his end on afterwords. even the front end was faked:
Flavourite chunk of my voice
(^ ok REALLY dung 4 2nite
(^ Favored rites: splecking ' seperated ' =

separated exasperated temperated recuperated cooperated

(^ Hello inout tHere/hEARted\hEAR...

> First: I have to apologize
(^ 4wh@?
> for not replying after my first attempt of de-lurking,

(^ knOWe: eWE've made up for it by far.
(^ the chunk of storytelling was wonderous.

> the real de-lurking happened here: - Confessions of an Ex-Lurker.

I read the board - especially the Newbie-Corner for months.
And I've learned.
And your postings were all the time
- how should I say - different.

For a long time I had troubles to get the informations you gave.
But I bookmarked many of them. ToFor re-reading another time.

It was sometimes very hard to understand
and many times I haven't had the nerve
or the time
to sit down and figure out, what you tried to say.

First I said - and pleas don't take this as offensive -
"oh no, another arty-farty guy
who hides something in his blabbering
that might be interesting.

Might be".

Me stupid stupid rat-creature.

Then I found the way to see it as kind of modern art -

take your time and it will show it's story.

Cubism isn't just about abstracting things so much
that they mean something new,
it's abstracting thINKgs to a special point,
where something new (r)evolves,
\/ born out of something
that was there all the time
and shows its face in a new way.

Something like that.

And yes: I felt very honoured to get my very first reply by you ! And now being added at youtube. Okay, this might mean nothing in the internet aera, having "friends" on myspace.com and all that stuff. Nothing can ever compensate a good talking with looking in each others eyes and looking out for the truth between the lines of the other ones words, by listening to how he talks and how his voice sounds, and how he moves his hands, and all that.

This was the reason why I just contributed just a few postings for a blog a few years ago and never read any forums. I didn't believe, that this all can work out, and still I belive (or hope), that nothing ever might be able to compensate a good talk on the veranda in the middle of the desert or with an old friend, accompained by a beer too much... Stuff like that. But yes, the stopmotionanimation bord opend another window.

So what is it what I would like to say ?! Thank you for sharing so much of what you've learned about stop-motion and life. Thanks for helping us newbies. And my admiration for your work. Unique style is something that dies out in our days (hey, I'm 32 already, I am allowed to talk about days gone by long time ago already !).

Here is something that might interest you - concerning uniqueness (not that I have anything to tell you about that...): You might not be a fan of his music, but he absolutely has got something to say - http://www.vai.com/LittleBlackDots/MLS_index.html
Steve Vai giving lectures about uniqueness as a musician, developing your "own sound", and your "own voice"... Quite interesting thougts...

So all the best and thanks a lot for everything. Michael. With deep gratitude.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

(^ a mresponse to eye dot things. uncut.

(^ may I quote this?

(^ I am aware how difficult my writings are to translate from english into other languages.
(^ I want others to see what you wrote. would you mind?
(^ you can reach me at windupwinded@gmail.com or woundupwounded@gmail.com to respond.

(^ please try to understand:

(^ my main focus is on helping those with autism spectrum disorders
(^ head traumas and other neurological dysfunctions.

(^ I FEIGN these elements myself, but am a very good actor. you follow? :smirks:
(^ if you were to watch my vlog on youtube: you would see how I NORMALLY speak.

(^ in tangents. a free flowing thought pattern of choises made in time by me connecting the videos into a personal footnote.

(^ I am not a cubist 9perse) nor a surealist:

(^ I am an etherist.

(^ one who speaks with no body of work:
(^ only emotional content that HINTS at things that matter to me.

(^ and you just made my list.

(^ if you were to want to find my writings and ask what the heck some of it ment, personally email me and I'll try to unravel some of it into straight speak ok?

(^ the video I'm about to link you to is painful but has had a profound effect on me for i have a nephew who is very much a teenaged autistic youth who has far more difficulty fiitting in than i do.

(^ and I have watched MANY a stop motion animator 9 many of them people I knew: met: worked under decades ago) lose their minds and or become cancerous from the effects work industry's inability to do certain tasks in a non toxic manner for need of hitting deadlines.

(^ to that end, I decided to prod those who KNOW: into revealing some of the noxious truths.
(^ but at the same time, not wanting to frighten newbes into NOT learning how to animate. just find ways of doing it safely.

I chose to write in a fashion that would cause MOST to ignore my posts.

(^ but trust me: those that know me, and or know what i'm doing,
(^ watch and ponder what i say because I"m NOT trying to become an animator.

(^ just being a story teller.

(^ thank you for trying to understand something designed to belly punch
(^ certain folk into remembering careers are not as important
(^ as those human beings they effect. and change for good and better.

(^ with all that said: hit the little "?/!" button in the upper corner of
(^ and it unlocks too many of my words that are open to the public.

(^ precosIOUs ronandonandon = preconscious randomization

(^ dyeye mear precosIOUs ronandonandon.:
(^ the reasons festivals won't take works
(^ available via the net
(^ is pretty straight forward.

(^ it's the competion.
(^ tHere. let me unlock this one
(^ spell checkerred line mmmkAkey?

splck ` competion ` =
completion competition competitor competitive compensation
(^ oh wait! too rich:
splck ` mmmkAkey? ` = malarkey? moneymaker? filmmaker? merrymaker?

(^ mmmkAkey! yep. black hat or whiteouted blank check?
(^ there's LESS COST and MORE NOTICE via the net, silly bean.

(^ but " quality over quantitactics "
(^ might relate to my bit on slaving systems burried deep in this podcast.

(^ ..consider it my cookie
(^ to go down with the milkbathed distribution cost:


Friday, Oct 24, 2008 Un-Timely episode (31 min)
the Radio Free Exile podcast entitled "Un-Timely"

featuring music & spoken word from:

John Staedler - "You already know everything, remember"
Walter Comer - "In America"
Guardagujas - "58 bestias (con Noam Chomsky)"
Calling Brian - "slavedriver"


= slave driver slaved river slaveholder screwdriver slavery

Timothy Scott - "In Love We Trust"
Ry Cooder - "Goodnight Irene"

(^ what the hell this have to do with novice notices?!
(^ everything.
(^ you want a distributor or not?
(^ yiou really think I'm anti cash crop
(^ or you pooling my legheirs?

(^ are you offering to pay em to do it
(^ or are you paying them
(^ to just no'ice you exsubsist in the first/last place?

branch out! http://exileguy.mypodcast.com/index.html

(^ USe yOUR eWEs! http://www.youtube.com/EdwoundWisent

(^ now to see if it has any effect
(^ goodnite ireene
(^ so yeah.. knOWE I NEED A SMOKE signal
((^ ..and from thereinon I'm still post gusty scatterman..^))

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

(^ crOPhaveN

(^ crOPhaveN is/was a place where layering image threads
is where germinated seedlings come from.

(^ a peaCHpit inside a shourgrape :
(^ a conversation I once had via e-dressing,
(^ swapPAGEd with a military student
(^ onBARnacles and sideswipesat worldsEndWARcrafts.
=========oblique spleck readout:===========

` peaCHpit `= peach pit Peachtree peachy peach peacetime
` shourgrape `= grapeshot hourglass shoulder stenographer
` swapPAGEd `= swap Paged swappable swapped swapping swapper
` onBARnacles`= on Barnacles barnacles barnacle Tabernacles tabernacles
` sideswipesat`= sideswipe sat sideswipes at sideswipe sidestepped sidesplitting
` worldsEndWARcrafts. `= Wollstonecraft. handicraftsmen. handicraftsman. woodcrafts.

(^ best Xplane ` crOPhaveN `
= crop Haven macrophage Brookhaven cropland necrophilia

(^ strange are the ways of `spleckerrs `.. .
(^ = splendors woodpeckers splendorous splenetics =^)

Friday, October 17, 2008

(^ try lateral pig stuffers into pEATorPI

(^ HiThere. HitHere. Hi_tHere. hi2hEAR

From: see_D_pr0phF1TS

cre8err's tAIL

In his other postmod life.

(^This story is being told by a rat:
(^ This particular rodent
is one of the aged rat packers ,
named PeatCH,
(^ who lives down in the bowels
of the tri lateral pig stuffers tale.--
PEATCH:: (sitting inde flute chair)far future....

" I wanted to have mine own....
" That's what EYEmah's playin'...
" Peate or pump's(kin)s bouy/boy..
" a pump kin'sHellouse...."


The scAIRye jack-0H-LandTurn (woe)man.

(^ clipping far aheaders:

(^ meanwhiles...
back in the court Kitchen:
-- R Peye was poetizing
at an open mikednite:
Practice /auditions
for the ball's fiddlers and fifepipes:

Peat R Peye tries to stand up for Ashley by spoken wording the tale,
then concludes with these lines:

" love conquers all thINgKs. "
" Awed things are fair in love. "
"War'em, if they can't give a phuckleburry."

Date: Wed, 17 Jun 1998 02:41:19 -0700

From: see_D_pr0phF1TS

Subject:#p0pC: aka Peat Cured Comp

aka:Peat 0R pEYE chillins

(part 3 of 4)

((or.."what happens when all is TOO well.."..))

They (both rats and children)
become semi tame.

(k) N 0 W . . . . . . . . . . .

unbenounced to everyone..that particular whistle,

the particular sound frequency he plays on his pipes.
Is a very specific higher register that,
the sonic frequency kills the mites
that carry the black plague, the ill ones.
The sound itself, it's kind of like laser surgery.
You know... sonic surgery.

rat packer's creation story

Thursday, October 16, 2008

(^ numb brrr 4OUR: the twined twins in repunsew's thunderstruck ivory lighthouse tOWer

long story in the can: while travelling cross country I found myself running low on tobacco and  began drawing a wish list of things needed for anyone  hitch hiking for enlightenment

(^ long story in the can(stirs):
(^ while travelogging cross country
I found myself running low on tobacco and began drawing a wish list of things needed for anyone hitch hiking for enlightenment.

(^ partnerships seemed as needed as places to sleep and bed for breakfasts became this tyrade of awareness:

many folk.. fear adventure.
and yet want it imported to them .

(^ nay: they won't leave their own comfort zone, but will take in strays if the tale told is amusing enough to cherish.

(^ this was the beginning of my entrenched sojournal:
most of my pack filled with drawling books and diaries:
some clothing, but mostly 2pairs of shoes: heavy jacket bedroll and ..stuff to savor.

the clothes on my back often were traded out for other ppl's gift as I wandered thropugh and onward in search of those in need of a mirrored image of themselves twisted in farce to wake up to un rut stuckediness.

(^ below was one such tale: caused by this loose footed period of my life:


Bo Peepers

A Lost Vegetarian Wolf in sheep's clothing

(hueman version)

This story is about a knight.
Actually he's a Renaissance Festival fighting practice man
who wool gathers.

His wife, (or girlfriend at the time,)
is a clothes decorator and paints clothes
using blood splatter techniques to come up
with interesting and yet very unique designs.

No piece of hers is exactly the same
because she is just splattering this stuff around.

She is the sheep.
He is the vegetarian wolf.

Bo Peepers is actually Red Riding Hood from another story
of Red, Riding Herd down at the Grand Mass House.

This other woman is another painter of clothes.
She uses an airbrush. Does a very slick kind of work.

Man runs off with new woman.
Can't remember why exactly.
They have a vixenish, argumentative relationship.
I think she originally came over to ask
for some extra thread or something,
and was very vicious, was very mean
to the guy's little sheep that follows him around.

But he and the airbrush artist hit it off in some strange way.
The new "other woman", (his wife), gets upset
and just walks away.

Since he's left alone, he goes ahead and joins up
with this other person who's a bit of a
kind of person.

The two women only meet for maybe five or ten minutes
and everything rolls around this poor creature
who's not really interested in doing anything
but playing and wool-gathering.

He's not a very bright sort,
and is just kind of cute,
not extremely so.
Kind of bright, but not extremely so.

He's one of those moral moronics you sometimes meet in life,
who are just blown through the whorl, by the wind,
into different tracts of fate.

And the web-weavers use him as protection.

Like he is their bodyguard.
He moves from being a quiet sheep
to becoming a wolf in sheep's clothing.
Him being a vegetarian wolf in the first place
meaning he looks like a fighter.
He acts like a fighter and a hunter.
But it's all skill gaining.
He doesn't actually kill anything.
He doesn't actually fight.
It's all these practice bouts with people.
It's all pretend.
Just to show off the ability that he refuses to use.
That's why he's a vegetarian wolf.
In essence,
he shows his teeth, growls a lot,
and the wolf pack all think he's a mighty fine person.

(Wouldn't mind designing him around Brad Banyan.)
This also links with the Knight and Shining Armor
from the McClurbrin Dragon story:
who has a Damsel-in-Distress;

who's Damsel is a seamstress Damsel-in-Distress in this story.
This is an alternative route out of the McClurbrin Dragon
instead of the Damsel-in-Distress running off
with Knight in Shining Armor,the GUY runs off with a witch bitch.
you have the Dragon rejuvenated into a Knight
by a woman in silver stockings.
And she takes him off,
leaving the old woman baking bread.

The Damsel-in-Distress is no longer distressed.
After all, the Dragon's gone.
However, she now has to make it on her own.
She had always used the Dragon's fire and hot wind
to bake with.
Now that he is gone
and now that the oven has gone cold,
she has to learn to cook by herself
with a lot less of the convenience
of having a huge dragon kicked back in the room.

That side of the story goes on somewhere else.

This is the story of the former dragon
turned into Knight in Shining Armor
who's actually the vegetarian wolf
wandering around the countryside
from one festival to another festival
to the next festival with this woman
who uses festivals for corporate greeting/meetings:
trying to look for that next connector,
next connection person.

The one who'll make her even more successful
than the one she's found herself with now.....

From Thu Jun 18 14:22:49 1998
Subject: Bo Peepers Dream Tape, Side 1, Part 02

continuing Bo Peepers Lost vegetarian wolf in sheep's clothing

Now in my dream,
the woman with airbrush was having a hard time
because her work looked like everyone else's.

It was very corporate.
It was very…"there's-your-airbrushed shirt".
The other woman has disappeared completely.
We know nothing of her.

During one of his fighter practices, the man…
(we have to come up with a wolf's name.
Maybe it'll be Wolf Peter instead of Salt Peter
because he actually has very little left at this point.

So let's call him Wolf Peter because he's petering out.

During one of his practice bouts,
some mud gets slung
in through the doorway to the woman's workspace
as she's working on some shirt.

Through all the bumping and jarring .
some of the mud and blood spatters onto the shirt.

Vainnestha(old wife)
had always work into and altered her designs
to take into consideration these spatters.

Shealandress (the airbrusher) learns to do the same...

The spatters end up looking like highlights
amongst the airbrush work.

one rather successful design is a unitard:

dragon scales across one of the
legs of this unitard.. the rest rainbow flowing airbrush work.

A highly paid court jester comes along and sees it.
He says,"Oh, very nice!.I think that will draw a crowd.."

She says, "I did it all myself. I planned it exactly this way."

The next image is of her selling her wares.
Because of her newer work's unique design quality,
she is selling at four or five times the rate
as she had been selling her shirts for before.

This is how we see that Vainnestha had originally worked.
She didn't have an airbrush.
She had always designed FROM the splatter
and the mess and the muck of the fighter practices.
She would sop up the blood (or the fake blood )
or she'd kinda tie-dyed things.

But now we have a woman who has an airbrush
who knows how to make things slick
who now has learned to destroy part of it
and re-invent that section so that it's layered.
It has both tight and loose aspects to her designs.

She now is raking in the money...........
While they're at a festival, another one,
when she sells this wonderful
unitard to some jester walking through,
another woman rides up on horseback...

BoPeepers ( Shealandress) looks at Wolf Peter.

"Hey, isn't that your ex-lover?
Isn't that the one you were with
that first day that I met you?"

He looks up.
He sees this woman who looks a little on the harried side
and says, "I wonder why she hasn't saddled up to say hello...
She's just riding around on her horse."

He goes and talks to her,
and finds that she has had a horrible life since his leaving.
Hasn't been able to make a farthing.
he asks,
"How have you been? What's been going on?"
She says, "I haven't made $20.00."
"How much have you made?!"
"I haven't made $20.00 in eight years."

At that line, Wolf Peter is so distressed
that his former love is unable to survive without him,
while he always thought that he was a burden to her
and always caused all of her best drawings and things
to be destroyed by his mayhem and blood-and-guts noise.

He leaves the other woman(Bo Peepers/sheandress).
The other woman is quite upset and angry, but not for long.
She got what she wanted anyway, which was the extra skill.

So, when this gets converted back over to the game,
we may be dealing with a knight-in-shining armor
and Damsels-in-Distress.
One of the Damsels, is
by no means, in distress.
She is a dressmaker
who's looking for corporate
connections and collaborators.

The man gets dragged into her universe for
awhile. She gets what she wants from him.
Still thinks he has far more to give.

Then he sees his old refugee woman.
He's learned from the other one
about airbrushes.

He goes back to his first woman.

Is that end of story, or is that the beginning of the dragon?
Is the Knight-in-shining armor
becoming the black hole dragon again,
who's now going to sit and fut, fut, fut;
pushing the woman around,
telling her how to make a living
and what to do, when and where to do it?

While she always did have a skill of her own,
now he will have the upper hand of giving...
… adding the air to the earth to make a windstorm.

(Part of where I want to go with this.
I'm not sure of that, yet.)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

(^ in test EYE nul MODlin'

(^ Intrestin' fax about how to make folk crack a smile:
(^when highly trained not to.

(^ ye trick 'em
by distractin'
to the point
of emotional

Monday, October 13, 2008

(^ othersideswipe of Klein bottlenecked phrasology

(^ othersideswipe
ofKlein bottlenecked
phrasology :
Latin was this;
A shortened mix of former words.
one syllable "words"
that represented different contents
(meanings), dependent on surrounding
three letter word/phrases
for context .
now(s) are the times:
the time to
(s)know ...

from a piece written 11/17/1993

conglomerate body build

(^ old iguanaland darkside of mother goose shot

Saturday, October 11, 2008

(^ retoldtelled recall

(^ thrOWN aspBawksWORDS
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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

(^ old transENscriptION 3/9/1995. on interactive movies

Dear Vicky
Having worked at 7th Level in September reminded me
that back in march, 1995

I'd documented an idea that seems to be ripe right now.
I'll TRY not to be long winded about it...
kind of grew out of my ICONtact stroll eeries...
(some things look better than they sound)

There are some articles available to anyone
to back me up on my "thesis" ...ha..

they might have press clippings available there.
(see Wall Street Journal Jul 19, 1995 article)
"Disney Deal Could Boost &th Level To A Plane Above Its Competitors "
(also see Daily News /Friday, August 25, 1995/L.A.LIFE WEEKEND-41)
"One-of-a-kind Battle Beast a tough act to follow"

*next year that company in expanding ....
Upgrade of Monty Python's Complete waste of Time is planned as one project...*

thanks for the fax #...my pager is ((^ defunctuated ^))
if anyone would like to clarify or hear more about my idea(s).

note ...this was thought about back in march...
so some of the will be/has been tense format is way off.
(and some bitterness still steaming)
please forgive my rushing a chunk o' stuff at you
...but I'd just like to know I told SOMEone:>)

I've chosen to clip pieces of the trans. and just talk about
WHY game development possabilities may be a way
to " git more fer yer 'mations' "

8:07AM 5/19/95 (Original transcription date)
BRIAN (me): Today is...the 9th of March.(95)

I've decided that I must re-contact Doug B.
to ask him if he'd be interested
in permanent storage space
out in the middle of Nebraska,
where the price may be
the allowed use of said equipment...
(far cheaper than storage facilities in L. A.)

or how much must I buy or rent it for?
...Now that he's using computers at home,
has storage of all his former tools for special effects
become a financial obligation?
....or are no longer continually being used

I want to try and convince Bezwick and Waller
to move into interactive Movies
...Interactive Television shows..
When will he and/or Don Waller get a break
from working on Hercules?

What happens if Hercules second series does NOT get picked up?

The combined skills of those two would be a powerful force in that venue.
Movies for the sake of movies is going to become obsolete.

Interactive Movies are going to take over..
(now Known as virtual reality...)
There's a lot of possibilities in that direction
that they have a large head start on.

They could get an even larger head start
on by starting a new company...


Video, Film, Radio, and Computer Tech
are going to bash into each other,
and create this new form of art.
A brand new format of media.

It's already happening..

This movement started out by giving CD players
the capability to re-arrange
the song sequence playback..

Once that happened, the next step was
to give MORE listening options..
allowing the person listening to decide
what kind of undertrack they wanted.

Dance? Drummy? Bassy?
Which lyrics do we want to hear to what music?
Do we (the listeners)
want more re-verb on that one guitar lick?
How about cutting the guitar OUT of the song,
so the listener can practice THEIRS !

give more control to the listener/viewer
over what they are hearing/watching.
(Look at Thomas Dolby's musical video/cd-rom...
Prince has starting to do the same.. )

CD-rom and computers' new juxtaposition
in the mainstream pubics' homes is leaving people
owning their own editing machines.

If they have the materials available to them for experimental mixing,
more will learn how to create..
.their "OWN" music.
.their "OWN" art.
..using clip art..
.and Medea encyclopedias.

There is no turning back.
People will come to not need special effects wizards.
More of the mainstream are going to insist on creative control
of what they choose to buy..


The persons that create the initial,
or original multimedusa enCYCLOPSEdIDeas
will be the ones making more of the profits during the next 5 years.

I know that Doug and Don have the skills to do these things..
Especulaveally when it comes to animation sequences and sound bytes.

Now, in terms of interactive multi-media.. for T. V.
There will slowly be a move towards cable stations
selling hours of game play..
(see Nintendo's new cable station)
People who already know how to work on things
like the Hercules' series will have a one ups'man over everyone else..
They'll be hired quite often because
you gottah make not just one 15 second byte:
you gottah make 25 15 second bytes that all overlap..

Some video games are using scanned in actors fighting.
They make all these seperate sequences,
then save each in a seperate catagory
(in fall-down file,under, attack file, etc..)

Whoever's playing the game
can play the game w/out worrying about
how the computer accesses the fight sequences,
because the joystick is reformatted
to access different files very quickly,
like video quick flicks.
Same thing is going on with sound bites,
same thing could be happening with backgrounds, or rooms!

when you walk forward
you're accessing a 10 foot block of tunnel
or walking along the road,
and as you walk across the road
you'll come to a point
where there is an extra break
(or hairpin turn) off to the side ...

The way that I'm now writing is with 8 bibles,

There is not 1 bible that tells what's going on;
there are 22,
so you've got, for instance,
the Koran & the old Torah & the
KJB & the missing text; ... those are all different bibles, ...
& when you put them altogether,
you get close to the way this whole thing interacts.

When you know one thing, it almost makes sure that you forget something else,

or that each section of the game confuses the players' ability to remember other things going on.

They'll assume, " wait a minute, THIS is the truth; the other thing wasn't the truth.
This is now; everything's changed.

Actually, nothing's changed. It's merely both of these things are going on at the same time
in different areas of the world;
People's linear thought patterns will cause this game to be very challenging.
A person whose mind thinks circularly or that have done multiple, halucinogenic drugs,
will have a higher chance of going thru the game faster; anyone who thinks in 5 or 6 directions
on a consistent basis will understand more how to play this game.

People who play kill or be killed games will find this far more fascinating in its ability
to confuse and dis-orient one's ability to chose the "right" move.
You'll never know where the enemy/ally is coming from next,
because we've been trained into seeing only enemies in the game.
There is usually a big tag over the head of somebody who's a good friend;
everyone's in essence a hostage who's a little nervous in the corner,
and if you react to them in an aggressive manner, they'll react to you accordingly.

If, however, you went in and tried to become friends,
you'd find most "enemies" have all these wonderful talents & skills!
If you were to blow them away, later on in the game you would find yourself in trouble
because you don't know how to do something, and you've killed the one person
who could have trained you to do them.

Or, far worse than having killed somebody who could have trained you, you've alienated them.
Now, you've got a real nasty enemy.
It would no longer be a problem of : "gosh, they can't hurt me and they can't help me;.."
... now they WANT to hurt you. ...
Now, you're in TROUBLE ...

If you kill them, you have their WHOLE FAMILY after your butt.

If you don't kill them, you may only have ONE person who wants to hurt you.

Therefore, as you play, you slowly try to make amends to anyone you accidentally hurt,
and try to give them skills you have that they don't have,
and in so doing cause them to be willing to give you some of their skills.

Now, let's talk tools:

I've got a hoe; you've got a shovel.
I need to dig a bigger hole;
you need to make some lines in the ground
so that your well that you dug with your shovel can be of use to you.
..."wanna SHARE?"...
Then, we,d BOTH have a farm going !!!! Thank you! Oh, great!
"Oh, You're going to make corn? Then I'll make hay! Great! Now we can work together!

Not, "You build corn; I'll build corn." No, no, no, no. We'd end up in competition with one another.
...and noone in their right mind wants to compete when collaberation is attainable.

Instead, I'll make hogs; you make corn.
You feed my hogs; I give you some bacon;
you give me some corn, and then we have a BETTER meal TOGETHER !

Then you'll run into some people who are made of corn, such as scarecrows.
Then you'll run into other people who are made of pigs, such as the Three Little Pigs.
Now you're in trouble, because you're creating and destroying their ancestors, and they're not happy.
Now, what d'ya do? Good question; we'll figure that out later in the game, won't we.

In essence, there is nothing that you can do that keeps you from harming someone, in the act
of helping someone else. And the whole game is how do you continue to flow as harmlessly and helpfully
as you can through the game. You will end up slapping someone or hurting someone in that process,
and then you must go back and make amends to the person that you had to harm in order to help someone else.

You had to push the little old lady out of the way of the car driving by, and in so doing, she gets hurt,
but she doesn't get killed, and she hates your guts and is yelling at you. And you're saying,
"Lady, I just didn't want you to get hit by the car." And then you find out that the guy who was driving the car
thought you were mugging his grandmother and was rushing to stop you and came to a screeching halt
before he would have hit grandma and he's getting out of his car yelling, "You're hurting my grandma."
Oh, goodness, now what? I thought I was doing the right thing, and I didn't. Does that mean that next time
I see a little old lady crossing the street with this big old semi running down the road at her,
does that mean I don't tackle her and move her out of the way? Do I just stand there and watch her get run over?
Or, do I yell, "Lady! There's a truck coming!" And then they get hit.
Or do you pick them up and move them and get hit by the semi.


This is the biggest question,
the largest question that all of my games
will be continuously shooting home.
The point of the game is not to survive;
it is to help.

If you must help through killing yourself,
that's the best possible move you can make. Why?
Because no other game is set up that way.

Now, if I sent this tape off to Mr. Beswick,
I am taking a chance, aren't I?
Because I know that many of the people out in L.A.,
after 7 yrs of experience
dealing with different people out there,
are quite willing to take ideas and take things
without giving credit or giving finances to the people
who helped to create the ideas.

(....with no compuction whatsoever..)
To survive; they have wife & kids; I understand that.

I'm looking at a 10-15 or 20-yr program.

I'm looking at a 15-yr minimum business.

At the end of 15 yr I can see that slowly
we'd have to close down that shop and open up another shop.
But I need funding; I need people who know how to do grunt work.

I need people who can draw,
people who can do some voices,
who know how to do camera work,
who know how to process computers.

I need people who are willing to at least offer sight gags,
but the stories are already pretty much done.

They come right out of my head, and they're very specific.

I'm not willing to talk about them;
just the mere concept of some of them are easily tweaked
into another story that I would have no control over, such as
Peter and the Wolf done by 7th Level.

Or, the minor changing of the Aladdin game...
look at the differences between the Genesis version
and the Nintendo version.
There is not a sword in Aladdin's hands;
there are a lot of people who can talk about those things;
those minor changes; lots of people have those ideas.

Therefore, they are not copyriteable;
I cannot prove that I was the person who helped someone decide,
oh, well, so we make some other animations.
A lot of other people most likely have that same distasteful
feeling that Aladdin shouldn't have a sword in his hand.

But my stories, on the other hand, are not like that.

The overlapping,
the way that my games are overlapped,
the way that I've distorted, children's fairy tales,
is not like any other distortion of children's fairy tales;
this is a lot more Jonathan Swifty in nature.

You would have, for instance, one character
that I have not bothered to make part of the game;
therefore I have no problem handing it off, would be

Jon Swift Crappier: a mix of Jonathan Swift and Jean S. Crappier:
the initial patenting frechman who created the porcelain toilet.

So, you have the SwiftCrapper ! who is very, very fast at being witty, and makes lots and lots of fertilizer.
He's efficient, and he never gets dirty in the midst of doing it.
He makes lots and lots of sewage, and he can always come up with more.
And it's well-processed,it's a fine-running machine for illiterary farce ,

that's one character I've never bothered to use, (too close to home, I guess)

anyone can use that kind of a character;
he's shooting the shit,he's just throwing the stuff, my goodness,
the fertilizer that that shit can create is AMAZING!

That'd be a wonderful character, wouldn't it? ....


Ok. Dealing with the way this story interacts with itself,:

if you watched Back To The Future 2 ...
Back To The Future 1 was not designed w/ a 2nd film in mind...
therefore, some of the first movie had to be reshot so that the 1st and 2nd movies made sense together.

PP The reason that I feel it is crucial for me to have full editing powers over my game ...
*The reason that editing of Brian's artwork and stories should be checked at anytime ...

Quite often in the game the most miniscule details ... the non hero shots,
the shots that would barely be in your perpheral vision:
backgrounds may in fact be
**a whole other game connectors.
They may not be used in this game but later on an upgraded version game
(or in another game entirely).
example: If You walk over to a cow in the far right corner of background,
in game version 1. nothing would happen.
but in game version 3, you would meet a cow that talks :
in game version 3a, the cow would lead you to the Glass Onion Woman,
who gives the ability to back upo in time and fix some of your mis-steps...

another one: In the a background is a line of trees
that has a huge scorch line through the center:
The scorch marks cut a hole through the trees
in the shape of a skull : a stretched out Halloween pumpkin face
made out of scorched trees,
( easier to show in picture than verbally) .
This image May in one game be a background, but in the next game upgrade
you can walk over to those trees, walk THROUGH the trees into another game sequence.

**********************NOT For everyones knowledge***************************
pp the main purpose of my game is not to train people how to work in computers. (which it will)
is to teach people life skills that are being forgotten
Those skills that may keep you alive if all electricity was cut off to your home..
or..how to live in a non-technological society..

$$$ for funding purposes, one of the aspects of the game will be to teach cross platform usage.

my whole series will be computer literacy training games;
certain "cheats" in the game would "inadvertantly" teach programming skills:
You could learn to access and use paint files to create doorways: (icon builders),
learn how to work with DOS shells,(re-arrange and re-direct your character's history /event file)
you could learn Program Management via Windows,
or conversion graphics delemas from mac to pc ..
other sections could be teaching you UNIX commands,

that is how I plan on getting this funded, by writing this into the business plan,
you can skip knowledge or "cheat" as you play by using computer based commands ...

pp underneath and beyond those, the real purpose of the game is to teach people older skills
such as how do you make wool, how do you fabricate , how do you grow you're own plants,
this will be the other part of the teaching game, the whole thing runs like a video-comedy game.

or you can kick back and not worry about finishing THE GAME and instead ,start learning.

" wow! This one knows how to MAKE MAPS !",
(REALLY knows how to make good maps... will end up teaching you architectural skills.)
"wow! This one knows how to COOK STUFF !
(REALLY knows how to cook... have easy bake recepies for solar cookers..)
And, Hey! someone ELSE knows how to DYE WOOL !
(REALLY knows how to dye wool... the old fashioned way...
using berries and emulsifiers.and where you buy certain materials in real life,
like actual names of large corporations who sell dying materials,
how to get a hold of farmers who own have sheep...)

ANYONE will be able to get this kind of information
by playing this game....THE LONG WAY.