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Thursday, October 16, 2008

(^ numb brrr 4OUR: the twined twins in repunsew's thunderstruck ivory lighthouse tOWer

long story in the can: while travelling cross country I found myself running low on tobacco and  began drawing a wish list of things needed for anyone  hitch hiking for enlightenment

(^ long story in the can(stirs):
(^ while travelogging cross country
I found myself running low on tobacco and began drawing a wish list of things needed for anyone hitch hiking for enlightenment.

(^ partnerships seemed as needed as places to sleep and bed for breakfasts became this tyrade of awareness:

many folk.. fear adventure.
and yet want it imported to them .

(^ nay: they won't leave their own comfort zone, but will take in strays if the tale told is amusing enough to cherish.

(^ this was the beginning of my entrenched sojournal:
most of my pack filled with drawling books and diaries:
some clothing, but mostly 2pairs of shoes: heavy jacket bedroll and ..stuff to savor.

the clothes on my back often were traded out for other ppl's gift as I wandered thropugh and onward in search of those in need of a mirrored image of themselves twisted in farce to wake up to un rut stuckediness.

(^ below was one such tale: caused by this loose footed period of my life:


Bo Peepers

A Lost Vegetarian Wolf in sheep's clothing

(hueman version)

This story is about a knight.
Actually he's a Renaissance Festival fighting practice man
who wool gathers.

His wife, (or girlfriend at the time,)
is a clothes decorator and paints clothes
using blood splatter techniques to come up
with interesting and yet very unique designs.

No piece of hers is exactly the same
because she is just splattering this stuff around.

She is the sheep.
He is the vegetarian wolf.

Bo Peepers is actually Red Riding Hood from another story
of Red, Riding Herd down at the Grand Mass House.

This other woman is another painter of clothes.
She uses an airbrush. Does a very slick kind of work.

Man runs off with new woman.
Can't remember why exactly.
They have a vixenish, argumentative relationship.
I think she originally came over to ask
for some extra thread or something,
and was very vicious, was very mean
to the guy's little sheep that follows him around.

But he and the airbrush artist hit it off in some strange way.
The new "other woman", (his wife), gets upset
and just walks away.

Since he's left alone, he goes ahead and joins up
with this other person who's a bit of a
kind of person.

The two women only meet for maybe five or ten minutes
and everything rolls around this poor creature
who's not really interested in doing anything
but playing and wool-gathering.

He's not a very bright sort,
and is just kind of cute,
not extremely so.
Kind of bright, but not extremely so.

He's one of those moral moronics you sometimes meet in life,
who are just blown through the whorl, by the wind,
into different tracts of fate.

And the web-weavers use him as protection.

Like he is their bodyguard.
He moves from being a quiet sheep
to becoming a wolf in sheep's clothing.
Him being a vegetarian wolf in the first place
meaning he looks like a fighter.
He acts like a fighter and a hunter.
But it's all skill gaining.
He doesn't actually kill anything.
He doesn't actually fight.
It's all these practice bouts with people.
It's all pretend.
Just to show off the ability that he refuses to use.
That's why he's a vegetarian wolf.
In essence,
he shows his teeth, growls a lot,
and the wolf pack all think he's a mighty fine person.

(Wouldn't mind designing him around Brad Banyan.)
This also links with the Knight and Shining Armor
from the McClurbrin Dragon story:
who has a Damsel-in-Distress;

who's Damsel is a seamstress Damsel-in-Distress in this story.
This is an alternative route out of the McClurbrin Dragon
instead of the Damsel-in-Distress running off
with Knight in Shining Armor,the GUY runs off with a witch bitch.
you have the Dragon rejuvenated into a Knight
by a woman in silver stockings.
And she takes him off,
leaving the old woman baking bread.

The Damsel-in-Distress is no longer distressed.
After all, the Dragon's gone.
However, she now has to make it on her own.
She had always used the Dragon's fire and hot wind
to bake with.
Now that he is gone
and now that the oven has gone cold,
she has to learn to cook by herself
with a lot less of the convenience
of having a huge dragon kicked back in the room.

That side of the story goes on somewhere else.

This is the story of the former dragon
turned into Knight in Shining Armor
who's actually the vegetarian wolf
wandering around the countryside
from one festival to another festival
to the next festival with this woman
who uses festivals for corporate greeting/meetings:
trying to look for that next connector,
next connection person.

The one who'll make her even more successful
than the one she's found herself with now.....

From Thu Jun 18 14:22:49 1998
Subject: Bo Peepers Dream Tape, Side 1, Part 02

continuing Bo Peepers Lost vegetarian wolf in sheep's clothing

Now in my dream,
the woman with airbrush was having a hard time
because her work looked like everyone else's.

It was very corporate.
It was very…"there's-your-airbrushed shirt".
The other woman has disappeared completely.
We know nothing of her.

During one of his fighter practices, the man…
(we have to come up with a wolf's name.
Maybe it'll be Wolf Peter instead of Salt Peter
because he actually has very little left at this point.

So let's call him Wolf Peter because he's petering out.

During one of his practice bouts,
some mud gets slung
in through the doorway to the woman's workspace
as she's working on some shirt.

Through all the bumping and jarring .
some of the mud and blood spatters onto the shirt.

Vainnestha(old wife)
had always work into and altered her designs
to take into consideration these spatters.

Shealandress (the airbrusher) learns to do the same...

The spatters end up looking like highlights
amongst the airbrush work.

one rather successful design is a unitard:

dragon scales across one of the
legs of this unitard.. the rest rainbow flowing airbrush work.

A highly paid court jester comes along and sees it.
He says,"Oh, very nice!.I think that will draw a crowd.."

She says, "I did it all myself. I planned it exactly this way."

The next image is of her selling her wares.
Because of her newer work's unique design quality,
she is selling at four or five times the rate
as she had been selling her shirts for before.

This is how we see that Vainnestha had originally worked.
She didn't have an airbrush.
She had always designed FROM the splatter
and the mess and the muck of the fighter practices.
She would sop up the blood (or the fake blood )
or she'd kinda tie-dyed things.

But now we have a woman who has an airbrush
who knows how to make things slick
who now has learned to destroy part of it
and re-invent that section so that it's layered.
It has both tight and loose aspects to her designs.

She now is raking in the money...........
While they're at a festival, another one,
when she sells this wonderful
unitard to some jester walking through,
another woman rides up on horseback...

BoPeepers ( Shealandress) looks at Wolf Peter.

"Hey, isn't that your ex-lover?
Isn't that the one you were with
that first day that I met you?"

He looks up.
He sees this woman who looks a little on the harried side
and says, "I wonder why she hasn't saddled up to say hello...
She's just riding around on her horse."

He goes and talks to her,
and finds that she has had a horrible life since his leaving.
Hasn't been able to make a farthing.
he asks,
"How have you been? What's been going on?"
She says, "I haven't made $20.00."
"How much have you made?!"
"I haven't made $20.00 in eight years."

At that line, Wolf Peter is so distressed
that his former love is unable to survive without him,
while he always thought that he was a burden to her
and always caused all of her best drawings and things
to be destroyed by his mayhem and blood-and-guts noise.

He leaves the other woman(Bo Peepers/sheandress).
The other woman is quite upset and angry, but not for long.
She got what she wanted anyway, which was the extra skill.

So, when this gets converted back over to the game,
we may be dealing with a knight-in-shining armor
and Damsels-in-Distress.
One of the Damsels, is
by no means, in distress.
She is a dressmaker
who's looking for corporate
connections and collaborators.

The man gets dragged into her universe for
awhile. She gets what she wants from him.
Still thinks he has far more to give.

Then he sees his old refugee woman.
He's learned from the other one
about airbrushes.

He goes back to his first woman.

Is that end of story, or is that the beginning of the dragon?
Is the Knight-in-shining armor
becoming the black hole dragon again,
who's now going to sit and fut, fut, fut;
pushing the woman around,
telling her how to make a living
and what to do, when and where to do it?

While she always did have a skill of her own,
now he will have the upper hand of giving...
… adding the air to the earth to make a windstorm.

(Part of where I want to go with this.
I'm not sure of that, yet.)