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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

finger drumbings of war muffins

mp3 includes me around 9:55 speaking of bicycles and muffins that saved my life.
(^ thanks http://exileguy.mypodcast.com/200743_archive.html, specifically http://exileguy.mypodcast.com/2007/10/Drums_Of_War-51574.html

(^ these things still matter
(^ when oh bomb ah ha isn't REALLY changing
(^ how we kill: just adjusting ...whom and where.
(^ even the WHY seems a never ending battle for commodities marketeers.

(^ here's to deflation.
(^ poverty to the highest for the lowest denominations. aye ?..mmMAN !
(^ the bluebloods come in all shapes and sizes don't they?

Thursday, July 23, 2009

(^ Thursday mach T00dles

fun to watch to clean the pallet after listening to

(^ beCAUSE Thursdays matter: radio free exile: Dan Bern - Estelle

radio free exile: Dan Bern - Estelle
so I sit down nowand look thru old back and forths: side to side comments on who and how I became a kNOwbody:

(^ I"m about to cropy paste a bunch of scary wtf's up in tHere: but found listening to this helped cut into the madness:
===initiationg backwashed up rantings :
>>>>>>date Sat, Jul 19, 2008 at 9:26 PM

subject question about pay
details 7/19/08 (^ it begins again:

This job I'm auditioning for is Assistant Animator.
Do you have any idea how much that pays?
I heard that it would at least be enough
to be able to afford to live on downtime between projects
(more likely in larger animation studios).
>>>>>>>.(^ now it gets dicey:^) vvvvvvv
> This job I'm auditioning for is Assistant Animator.

(^ yep. if so, mark my words.

> Do you have any idea how much that pays?

(^ if I did, why should I tell?
(^ honestly. tell me why I should trust you?
(^ so far all you've done was contact Jay Lee.
(^ and dragged my ass out into public
(^ when I've been quite comfy hiding in the shadows.

> I heard that it would at least be enough to be able to
> afford to live on downtime between projects
> (more likely in larger animation studios).

(^ figure it out yourself.
- dung-
##############(^ and then this:########
ate Sat, Jul 19, 2008 at 10:27 PM
subject RE: question about pay

unhide MORE details 7/19/08


Follow up message not the money

It would help your case for summoning me to Seattle. Which I'm rapidly losing interest in, by the way, because you're not being nice.

As far as why you should trust me...In every job I've ever had, I worked the hardest and had most responsibility out of all of the employees. I don't have a criminal record, I never miss a day at work to go play in the sunshine or call in sick when I'm not. I don't steal, I don't lie, and I don't tell secrets.

As far as contacting Jay Lee, I was just trying to get ahold of YOU! I don't think I was the one who found him, anyway. I would bet it was Strider. I believe he found both of you while I was searching for bruce's email address.

> (^ if I did, why should I tell?
> (^ honestly. tell me why I should trust you?

=========(^ ok so I learned never trust someone only in this for their own interest ratings====
(^ and I .. blew up wide:

it really really helps to listen to
untimely while reading the below:

ready? already know what you need to know: I'm a slavedriver.
==============baah baah dadaismBOOM!=======
(^ ok that's fair.
(^ trust me. I don't want to stay at bickfords either.
(^ so. here's the rub.
(^ I DO NOT know the going rate. period.

(^ best answer to that question? honestly truelly?

(^ here goes. you COULD say " the going rate"
(^ you know. dump it back in their lap: watch their reaction.

(^ I worked for $75/00 per DAY when I started.
(^ production assistant wage back in 1986.

" depends on with or without my name in the credits."

(^ sounds smart ass, but actually matters.
(^ no credit? insist on higher wage to compensate for not having
proof you worked to put on demo reel.

(^ I had a wife. I HAD to take hush money to ma(shh)ke ends try to meet.

(^ another good one?

(^ ".. do I get an animators union card out of it?"

(^ oohh.. wince.

(^ I'm NOT trying to be flippant. truelly I'm not.
(^ it just depends on so many factors that nobody is supposed to even
TELL. because no two individuals are getting paid on the same
(^ that is ONE thing I learned way early..

(^ Clasky /Ksupo was paying westly archer $1,200.oo a week: later
upped it to $2,400.oo I think.
(^ don waller? he refused to ever work for less than $3,000 a week.
(^ at least that's what he CLAIMED.

(^ commercials pay more but are short lived.

(^ you COULD ask the NASTY question:
(^ " staff position or permalance?
(^ who pays the taxes? laika or me?
9^ its this position a 2 week, month, 6 month contract? what?

(^ depends on who I'm assisting I guess" might be good too.

(^ easy to get along with? learn a lot?
(^ take a pay cut.

(^ you get thrown to a cranky fart
(^ or someone super persnickety
(^ that knows how to animate
(^ but NOTHING about camera, sound sync.. postop etc?

(^ negotiate.
(^ that's the part I fail at.
(^ I just say SURE! pay me whatever you think is best!"

(^ ..WRONG!

(^ but first off? the pay part COMES LAST.
(^ NOT first.
(^ I learned that from working oat Landmark entertainment as a model lead.

(^ I sat.. waited (after waiting 3 weeks for a callback, mind you)
I had a figure with me and a bunch of photos: some names I'd
worked with: told them I heard from churchill films they may be

(^ this was back when Sellick had called John Mathews DESPERATE to
snag Jestin Kohn, Peter, and Joel Flrtcher AS SOON AS Ralf S. Mouse
wrapped. to work on some secret big budget deal he'd been contracted
my some big hollywood dude to coordinate and find talent.

(^ you follw me?I alter some spellings just because.
(^ anywho. I could have gone to San Francisco too to work
on nightmare before Xmas, but CHOSE to try and stay married INSTEAD.

(^ it would have required me leave her behind for about 8 months.
(6 we'd been married less than 2 years, and those years were DISSASTROUS.

(^ why am I tellimng you all this?
(^ because, .I'm a mental retard and too tired to care anymore.

(^ you try to cover up your past and you'll discover how small the
stop motion community REALLY is.

(^ I'm simply trying to warn you.

(^ trying to cover shit up takes TACT.
(^ what I wrote to you earlier about the tests? was real info. no scam.

(^ who knows. maybe yer old friend was finally able to look up from
final crunch month and think, sure why not?

this MAY all go back to Ashly.
MAY go back to only your friend.
May incorperate the others pluiugging you, including Ron Cole.
He's KNOWN, pram. hell who he apprenticed for was REALLY known.

and note: stopmotionanimation.com MAY ACTUALLY BE ON LAIKA's SERVER.
it wopuld make.. sense.

(^ hell, pram. i talked a lot of this over with someone working at
Phil Tippets .
(^ someone else, said " yes those were fun years.. I havent touched
a puppet since 1994"
and THAT one worked on peter jackson's king kong.

I'm not the enemy, Don.
(^ I'm a Has been wannah be who has no taste for the backstabbing
politics it sounds like it takes to get work.

(^.. did you know I was SOooo pissed when I heard Lionel had told
Chris he wasn't serious enough to even quote a ball and socket
armature price to?

(^ that, along with castle gardeners illness..
(AND YOURS) from what I accidently found via random searching a little..
(^ those factors along with strider's continual prodding and
coaxing, got me to blow up and make my underwritten name known
lloud enough I made a dent in the blankfaced wall known as old
timers thinking snubbing newbies or trying to get paid to teach
out of date skills.

I almost gave up and walked off, then Ron Cole emailed me personally
and apologised to me for misunderstanding what I was doing.

(^ after that? I decided to stick around a bit.
see if I could actually help at ALL.
sigh. there. I've said a lot.

(^ after all this is sorted out, like next week or something?
ask me for fwds of stuff going on behind the scenes trying to help you out. ok?

(^ but right now, i have an old lady and her scottish terrior to sculpt
and try to get shipped to Rochester NY before she dies of lung cancer.

(^ Chris Rogers was hovering over my computer when I took the call, ok?

(^ everything is connected.
but I'm NOT connected to the cash flow.

(^ I take care of those on their deathbed for karmic debt reasons.

ok? enough. sigh. I'm going to cc. this to chris rogers so he knows
I'm unplugging not because I'm pissed , a megalomaniac ( tho who
knows perhaps)..

(^ but because I need to focus on making a going away present for
someone most likly going to die within the next few months.

also sending this off to Ron Cole because I really need to stop
foe cussing on stop motion for a bit and re-focus on what I do better.

(^ letting old friends cry and grieve over things that have no cure.

(^ how long is the job? credit in the - Hide quoted text -margins?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

(^ another Thursday: another inspiration.

Dried Up from Cecil on Vimeo.

(^ not sure what else to say. hope the mikes and Dans see this. glad herself shell nobelly earmarked it.