(^ ThEY'rE_tH_EAR

Sunday, February 25, 2018

(^ what's the point? why b0ther USe andswEARing anyth1NKgwon?

(^ twONes apron a thyme, I belived in belief.

(^ knot sew  assured  any morel. (^>--TE3m
bureaucratic buccanailyuhhuh.testINKg 

(^ S0.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

(^ this "amERRikan" lief

(^ and dEATh

bRYE_thAUGHTs: (^ a test on living thru death and if change is worth the cost (^>--TE3m

bRYE_thAUGHTs: (^ a test on living thru death and if change is worth the cost (^>--TE3m

(^ a test on living thru death and if change is worth the cost (^>--TE3m

skulls i do not own.
I wish to test what I can get away with in here
so tHere ewe g0DE.

but kNOw:
 are .avi files playable?

(^ and with that,
I'll let it be.

old yet still worth it song

2014 was a very go0DD year

(^ and 2017 was pretty bad.
so bad that it may have tipped my scales
 back to writhing  utterantsays up in tHere again. sw00n

Thursday, May 22, 2014

(^ 2014 going by too fast

(^ this is the most recent thing I was loosely connected to that I'm the most proud of: 
American Refugees: Super Dads

(^I've also been busy  cleaning up after and eating late night breakfast/midnight snacks with 

(^  a while back, someone felt it might be interesting to see my
 (^ thAUGHT proscess1NKg meatspACEin the wH0le:
(^ so sew soe I let these two wander into parts of y int.err sank tumble:

Brian (^ Prosser's Nest

(^ this is older but has links off it too

(^ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hpKBnvVIttM&index=3&list=LLNanfXJ2FPLihfzXatE2q6A

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

oldoldold bit

>(^ written wordscan overlap (no..that was NOT a typo!) 


>(^ NEVER try to PASS w/out digesting at least NINE times.(it'll leave you in stitches...)


>(^ even trunkaided overt glanceovers would give you more..(ambiguity=true key to enlightenment..not attainment)



>(^                          z                A              B                  C              D                E             F             G           H          I

>(^                      (zone)          (U)           (PAir)          (Unit)      (PAr end)  (uNITE)   (paRENT)  (unites) (parALLel) (united)


>(^ value                IT           single        couple          few         some       group      family            tribe  extended    commune

>(^ structure       0=blank   1=noun  2=verb  3=sentence  4=phrase  5=query 6=hypothesis 7=datalog 8=alter 9=results

>(^ trig function  0=point     1=ray      2=line     3=shape  4=space 5=wireframe 6=wrap   7=generate  8=backup 9=save

>(^ camera        0=ref       1=pov     2=direction  3=focus     4=speed     5=path     6=trialrun  7=batch  8=set       9=run

>(^ perception   0=exist    1=aware 2=action     3=creation 4=substance 5=assess 6=judge   7=attrib 8=altar 9=sacrifice 

>(^ image          0=object  1=sprite   2=tool        3=make       4=anchor    5=move   6=use      7=attach 8=toon   9=next

>(^ color         0=clear      1=white    2=black      3=shade      4=hue         5=tone   6=palette 7=switch 8=blend 9=detach

>(^ texture      0=nil          1=smooth  2=checker  3=facet       4=map      5=stratify   6=plugin  7=apply 8=show  9=delete

>(^ sound      0=Tone        1=Note    2=Beat      3=Chord  4=Rythm   5=Melody  6=Harmony 7=Vocal 8=Tune 9=scratch

>(^ noise      0=all(static)  1=Mono    2=Dual       3=Trio        4=Quarrel   5=Quinine 6=Sextiply 7=Sept  8=Oct   9=Nova 


>(^                 TIME             VIEW        TAKE          GIVE           KEep        BAlance       HAve    TRade  REdirect CHange

>(^ ====================================================================================

>(^ ..and yet..below was my true start point.



>(^ inre:

>(^ !!!>(^ "shit",you have a lot to say it was damn near impossible to #digest# on first  "pass".<!!!


>(^   NEVER try to PASS w/out digesting at least NINE times...espessially if you haven't eaten in days.


>(^    ETHOtainment =ethics quest on enjoying rush of  ally creation vs hype for destroying enemies.                               


>(^ "Zero reads" is turning off before making ANYthing out of it. period. nothing.ziltcho.na da.

>(^ .no object ions. no lights.no camera.no speed.no sound. no take. no focus. no no.nonone.  

>(^  . =spot or - or_ linier thickness thought mark stabwound. thumbs down.just here. not there(yet)


>(^                                                          CREATION


>(^ "One digestive track" is barely a commercial. BUYorMEorSELLorLOT...but no connection..       THIS

>(^ 1=  pointer taken..a ray of hope. but only goes from here to....WHERE? ( WON =  " IT"  #nounORverb )


>(^                                                        RECREATION


>(^ "Two" comes close to "books" in readers digest format. great  for words like "PERfect"and "perFECT"

>(^ + =and or small x ... (crossroads..  crosshairs.. TOand/orTOO = " SUBJECT "  #verbANDnoun )        

>(^   (no gray levels..On/Off. but no switch makery "TAG" " IT"  .subJECT to this SUBject ) CHOOSE

>(^                                                                                                                                       ( THIS or THAT )

>(^                                          RECREATION(AL)RECREATION


>(^ "Three passes" will come close to military comprehends ion.WhiteBlackGray PlanAttackOutcome.

>(^        (I'm a gonnah tell, I tell, This is what I told.)distortion starts with tthe perception of   CHOICE(S).

>(^ y =/ depth charged perception\\.TREE TRI TRY(lateral .com).true SenTenseNess (This,That,theOtherthing )

>(^      \\ funnel to width a/\\o spray./ To From Re: branch structures...shades all gray. QUEST ions.

>(^                      /yes no maybe\\

>(^ z= also 3..(all odds but one)     \\ devining rod /  (*futuRE:*NOW*Past) DREAMSTATE

>(^ noteY=devine questioning..Z=motive answering(z=wild card=...link "uf"(NowPa(st*uf*f)utuRE:*)


>(^                                       RE:CREATION  ALT.  RECREATION



>(^ Four takes time, but may obtain first gyst. .good doc thing, too (EyeEarNoseThroat)

>(^ X= foil (FirstOuterInnerLast) TRUEspot..LOCALity. multiply instead of plus.


>(^ Five may cover the most we sternest deviancies' known seances. 


>(^ ....that's enuff.   GREP?   me niether.

>(^ my mind flashes all that kind of stuff when I'm just minding my own bussiness.

>(^ ...I stay awake nites trying to avoid devine insparation spurting at me from dreamstasis...

>(^ I can't type as fast as who/what/why ever this is wants me to.

>(^ ..sometimes feel like Mozart working on Requiem Mass.


>(^ >(^  I caught most of the drift and the VRML.


>(^ ..I wish I did. I'm just making this stuff up. All based on sleep depravation and POWERBARS !!! YUM !

>(^ (O.K, coffee nicotine and chocolate, too) 

>(^ What IZ scary...is I'm starting to see sequential links in Kline bottle mode.

>(^  Mobius strips' not wide enough

>(^ and Hypercubes may be fine for a room, but not a jinn bottle.


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

(^ update on stuff I dung




needs silverlight. or simply download wmv

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

(^ yep. another one worth watchin


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Thursday, January 21, 2010

(^ yay Ellyn: long time miss the voice. Maybe. ( on being an artist)

(^ long ago, I went for a walk with this woman. two headphones. one on her one on me. late night walk strapped together to a sony walkman.
(^ i miss those kind of odd connections.

Watch live streaming video from radiofreeexile at livestream.com

(^ sew. tHere's to all those I missed. and find.

(^ FOUND ONE! by golly Ellyn maybe is looking grand!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

(^ testing what happens in the times

Layoffs underway at Walt Disney Studios amid consolidation of operations [UPDATED]
January 14, 2010 | 9:35 am

[Updated at 10:45 a.m.: An earlier version said stage productions were affected, but that information could not be confirmed.]

Walt Disney Studios has further streamlined its distribution and marketing operations.

Twenty-three-year domestic distribution veteran Chuck Viane will take on added responsibilities for international sales across 70 countries. In communications, another studio veteran, Heidi Trotta, senior vice president of studio communications, is transitioning to a consulting role, as former theme parks publicist John Nicoletti takes over as vice president of global communications. He will be joined by Paul Roeder as director of global communications.

Christine Cadena, senior vice president of marketing, will take on a new role as senior vice president of multicultural initiatives. Michelle Sewell has been promoted to senior vice president of global publicity, overseeing both domestic and international publicity departments, and she will be responsible for executing worldwide publicity campaigns for Disney's live action and animated movies. Sewell is to report to the studio's head of marketing, a position Walt Disney Studios Chairman Rich Ross has yet to fill after ousting Jim Gallagher and his boss, Mark Zoradi.

Disney confirmed that it is continuing its "reorganization of the workforce," with dozens of jobs lost from its home entertainment division.

"Our industry is evolving rapidly," said Ross in a statement. "In order to remain at its forefront, we are adapting our organization to be more agile, creative and responsive."

A round of layoffs has begun at Walt Disney Studios today as part of a continued, sweeping restructuring of operations under Ross.

Attempting to rein in costs, the Burbank studio has been consolidating operations within its theatrical and home-entertainment divisions.

The cost-savings move comes as Ross and his boss, Disney Chief Executive Bob Iger, have continued, since last fall, to remake the studio, streamlining its business units and ousting a number of top executives in production, marketing and distribution while clamping down on the costs of making and promoting movies.

Nearly four years ago, Disney undertook a similar belt-tightening move when it combined its domestic and international theatrical and home-entertainment marketing and distribution units, resulting in 650 employees losing their jobs and saving Disney about $100 million in overhead.

Update: (12:10 a.m., Jan. 15): For more on the layoffs and the appointment of Sean Bailey as Disney's president of production, see the story in today's Times.

-- Dawn Chmielewski and Claudia Eller

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

(^ not much to say. but this helped me not have to.

(^ thanks. I kneaded that.

Monday, January 11, 2010

(^ yOUR mothers dress me funny"

at zoo 2010

(^ my wife has decided to add content to facebook.
(^ it is then that I come to realize
(^ how just plain off I've come to be
(^ to those not inside my head
(^laughing at the silliness
(^ of conventional modicum of conventional wisedumbfoundedness.

spot the looneyspot the looney


Friday, December 25, 2009

(^ one night I allowed my voiceprint . hear me rant.

Watch live streaming video from stopmotionmagicchat at livestream.com

newer shows below:

Watch live streaming video from stopmotionmagicchat at livestream.com

Sunday, December 13, 2009



Saturday, December 12, 2009

(^ time flies and missed stepped spirituals

http://notesfromhalfland.blogspot.com/2009/12/eureka-new-idea-how-time-flies.html remind me of things I wish I had time and space for:


I miss working on.

(^but this almost makes up fer it.