(^ ThEY'rE_tH_EAR

Friday, October 17, 2008

(^ try lateral pig stuffers into pEATorPI

(^ HiThere. HitHere. Hi_tHere. hi2hEAR

From: see_D_pr0phF1TS

cre8err's tAIL

In his other postmod life.

(^This story is being told by a rat:
(^ This particular rodent
is one of the aged rat packers ,
named PeatCH,
(^ who lives down in the bowels
of the tri lateral pig stuffers tale.--
PEATCH:: (sitting inde flute chair)far future....

" I wanted to have mine own....
" That's what EYEmah's playin'...
" Peate or pump's(kin)s bouy/boy..
" a pump kin'sHellouse...."


The scAIRye jack-0H-LandTurn (woe)man.

(^ clipping far aheaders:

(^ meanwhiles...
back in the court Kitchen:
-- R Peye was poetizing
at an open mikednite:
Practice /auditions
for the ball's fiddlers and fifepipes:

Peat R Peye tries to stand up for Ashley by spoken wording the tale,
then concludes with these lines:

" love conquers all thINgKs. "
" Awed things are fair in love. "
"War'em, if they can't give a phuckleburry."

Date: Wed, 17 Jun 1998 02:41:19 -0700

From: see_D_pr0phF1TS

Subject:#p0pC: aka Peat Cured Comp

aka:Peat 0R pEYE chillins

(part 3 of 4)

((or.."what happens when all is TOO well.."..))

They (both rats and children)
become semi tame.

(k) N 0 W . . . . . . . . . . .

unbenounced to everyone..that particular whistle,

the particular sound frequency he plays on his pipes.
Is a very specific higher register that,
the sonic frequency kills the mites
that carry the black plague, the ill ones.
The sound itself, it's kind of like laser surgery.
You know... sonic surgery.

rat packer's creation story