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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

(^ old transENscriptION 3/9/1995. on interactive movies

Dear Vicky
Having worked at 7th Level in September reminded me
that back in march, 1995

I'd documented an idea that seems to be ripe right now.
I'll TRY not to be long winded about it...
kind of grew out of my ICONtact stroll eeries...
(some things look better than they sound)

There are some articles available to anyone
to back me up on my "thesis" ...ha..

they might have press clippings available there.
(see Wall Street Journal Jul 19, 1995 article)
"Disney Deal Could Boost &th Level To A Plane Above Its Competitors "
(also see Daily News /Friday, August 25, 1995/L.A.LIFE WEEKEND-41)
"One-of-a-kind Battle Beast a tough act to follow"

*next year that company in expanding ....
Upgrade of Monty Python's Complete waste of Time is planned as one project...*

thanks for the fax #...my pager is ((^ defunctuated ^))
if anyone would like to clarify or hear more about my idea(s).

note ...this was thought about back in march...
so some of the will be/has been tense format is way off.
(and some bitterness still steaming)
please forgive my rushing a chunk o' stuff at you
...but I'd just like to know I told SOMEone:>)

I've chosen to clip pieces of the trans. and just talk about
WHY game development possabilities may be a way
to " git more fer yer 'mations' "

8:07AM 5/19/95 (Original transcription date)
BRIAN (me): Today is...the 9th of March.(95)

I've decided that I must re-contact Doug B.
to ask him if he'd be interested
in permanent storage space
out in the middle of Nebraska,
where the price may be
the allowed use of said equipment...
(far cheaper than storage facilities in L. A.)

or how much must I buy or rent it for?
...Now that he's using computers at home,
has storage of all his former tools for special effects
become a financial obligation?
....or are no longer continually being used

I want to try and convince Bezwick and Waller
to move into interactive Movies
...Interactive Television shows..
When will he and/or Don Waller get a break
from working on Hercules?

What happens if Hercules second series does NOT get picked up?

The combined skills of those two would be a powerful force in that venue.
Movies for the sake of movies is going to become obsolete.

Interactive Movies are going to take over..
(now Known as virtual reality...)
There's a lot of possibilities in that direction
that they have a large head start on.

They could get an even larger head start
on by starting a new company...


Video, Film, Radio, and Computer Tech
are going to bash into each other,
and create this new form of art.
A brand new format of media.

It's already happening..

This movement started out by giving CD players
the capability to re-arrange
the song sequence playback..

Once that happened, the next step was
to give MORE listening options..
allowing the person listening to decide
what kind of undertrack they wanted.

Dance? Drummy? Bassy?
Which lyrics do we want to hear to what music?
Do we (the listeners)
want more re-verb on that one guitar lick?
How about cutting the guitar OUT of the song,
so the listener can practice THEIRS !

give more control to the listener/viewer
over what they are hearing/watching.
(Look at Thomas Dolby's musical video/cd-rom...
Prince has starting to do the same.. )

CD-rom and computers' new juxtaposition
in the mainstream pubics' homes is leaving people
owning their own editing machines.

If they have the materials available to them for experimental mixing,
more will learn how to create..
.their "OWN" music.
.their "OWN" art.
..using clip art..
.and Medea encyclopedias.

There is no turning back.
People will come to not need special effects wizards.
More of the mainstream are going to insist on creative control
of what they choose to buy..


The persons that create the initial,
or original multimedusa enCYCLOPSEdIDeas
will be the ones making more of the profits during the next 5 years.

I know that Doug and Don have the skills to do these things..
Especulaveally when it comes to animation sequences and sound bytes.

Now, in terms of interactive multi-media.. for T. V.
There will slowly be a move towards cable stations
selling hours of game play..
(see Nintendo's new cable station)
People who already know how to work on things
like the Hercules' series will have a one ups'man over everyone else..
They'll be hired quite often because
you gottah make not just one 15 second byte:
you gottah make 25 15 second bytes that all overlap..

Some video games are using scanned in actors fighting.
They make all these seperate sequences,
then save each in a seperate catagory
(in fall-down file,under, attack file, etc..)

Whoever's playing the game
can play the game w/out worrying about
how the computer accesses the fight sequences,
because the joystick is reformatted
to access different files very quickly,
like video quick flicks.
Same thing is going on with sound bites,
same thing could be happening with backgrounds, or rooms!

when you walk forward
you're accessing a 10 foot block of tunnel
or walking along the road,
and as you walk across the road
you'll come to a point
where there is an extra break
(or hairpin turn) off to the side ...

The way that I'm now writing is with 8 bibles,

There is not 1 bible that tells what's going on;
there are 22,
so you've got, for instance,
the Koran & the old Torah & the
KJB & the missing text; ... those are all different bibles, ...
& when you put them altogether,
you get close to the way this whole thing interacts.

When you know one thing, it almost makes sure that you forget something else,

or that each section of the game confuses the players' ability to remember other things going on.

They'll assume, " wait a minute, THIS is the truth; the other thing wasn't the truth.
This is now; everything's changed.

Actually, nothing's changed. It's merely both of these things are going on at the same time
in different areas of the world;
People's linear thought patterns will cause this game to be very challenging.
A person whose mind thinks circularly or that have done multiple, halucinogenic drugs,
will have a higher chance of going thru the game faster; anyone who thinks in 5 or 6 directions
on a consistent basis will understand more how to play this game.

People who play kill or be killed games will find this far more fascinating in its ability
to confuse and dis-orient one's ability to chose the "right" move.
You'll never know where the enemy/ally is coming from next,
because we've been trained into seeing only enemies in the game.
There is usually a big tag over the head of somebody who's a good friend;
everyone's in essence a hostage who's a little nervous in the corner,
and if you react to them in an aggressive manner, they'll react to you accordingly.

If, however, you went in and tried to become friends,
you'd find most "enemies" have all these wonderful talents & skills!
If you were to blow them away, later on in the game you would find yourself in trouble
because you don't know how to do something, and you've killed the one person
who could have trained you to do them.

Or, far worse than having killed somebody who could have trained you, you've alienated them.
Now, you've got a real nasty enemy.
It would no longer be a problem of : "gosh, they can't hurt me and they can't help me;.."
... now they WANT to hurt you. ...
Now, you're in TROUBLE ...

If you kill them, you have their WHOLE FAMILY after your butt.

If you don't kill them, you may only have ONE person who wants to hurt you.

Therefore, as you play, you slowly try to make amends to anyone you accidentally hurt,
and try to give them skills you have that they don't have,
and in so doing cause them to be willing to give you some of their skills.

Now, let's talk tools:

I've got a hoe; you've got a shovel.
I need to dig a bigger hole;
you need to make some lines in the ground
so that your well that you dug with your shovel can be of use to you.
..."wanna SHARE?"...
Then, we,d BOTH have a farm going !!!! Thank you! Oh, great!
"Oh, You're going to make corn? Then I'll make hay! Great! Now we can work together!

Not, "You build corn; I'll build corn." No, no, no, no. We'd end up in competition with one another.
...and noone in their right mind wants to compete when collaberation is attainable.

Instead, I'll make hogs; you make corn.
You feed my hogs; I give you some bacon;
you give me some corn, and then we have a BETTER meal TOGETHER !

Then you'll run into some people who are made of corn, such as scarecrows.
Then you'll run into other people who are made of pigs, such as the Three Little Pigs.
Now you're in trouble, because you're creating and destroying their ancestors, and they're not happy.
Now, what d'ya do? Good question; we'll figure that out later in the game, won't we.

In essence, there is nothing that you can do that keeps you from harming someone, in the act
of helping someone else. And the whole game is how do you continue to flow as harmlessly and helpfully
as you can through the game. You will end up slapping someone or hurting someone in that process,
and then you must go back and make amends to the person that you had to harm in order to help someone else.

You had to push the little old lady out of the way of the car driving by, and in so doing, she gets hurt,
but she doesn't get killed, and she hates your guts and is yelling at you. And you're saying,
"Lady, I just didn't want you to get hit by the car." And then you find out that the guy who was driving the car
thought you were mugging his grandmother and was rushing to stop you and came to a screeching halt
before he would have hit grandma and he's getting out of his car yelling, "You're hurting my grandma."
Oh, goodness, now what? I thought I was doing the right thing, and I didn't. Does that mean that next time
I see a little old lady crossing the street with this big old semi running down the road at her,
does that mean I don't tackle her and move her out of the way? Do I just stand there and watch her get run over?
Or, do I yell, "Lady! There's a truck coming!" And then they get hit.
Or do you pick them up and move them and get hit by the semi.


This is the biggest question,
the largest question that all of my games
will be continuously shooting home.
The point of the game is not to survive;
it is to help.

If you must help through killing yourself,
that's the best possible move you can make. Why?
Because no other game is set up that way.

Now, if I sent this tape off to Mr. Beswick,
I am taking a chance, aren't I?
Because I know that many of the people out in L.A.,
after 7 yrs of experience
dealing with different people out there,
are quite willing to take ideas and take things
without giving credit or giving finances to the people
who helped to create the ideas.

(....with no compuction whatsoever..)
To survive; they have wife & kids; I understand that.

I'm looking at a 10-15 or 20-yr program.

I'm looking at a 15-yr minimum business.

At the end of 15 yr I can see that slowly
we'd have to close down that shop and open up another shop.
But I need funding; I need people who know how to do grunt work.

I need people who can draw,
people who can do some voices,
who know how to do camera work,
who know how to process computers.

I need people who are willing to at least offer sight gags,
but the stories are already pretty much done.

They come right out of my head, and they're very specific.

I'm not willing to talk about them;
just the mere concept of some of them are easily tweaked
into another story that I would have no control over, such as
Peter and the Wolf done by 7th Level.

Or, the minor changing of the Aladdin game...
look at the differences between the Genesis version
and the Nintendo version.
There is not a sword in Aladdin's hands;
there are a lot of people who can talk about those things;
those minor changes; lots of people have those ideas.

Therefore, they are not copyriteable;
I cannot prove that I was the person who helped someone decide,
oh, well, so we make some other animations.
A lot of other people most likely have that same distasteful
feeling that Aladdin shouldn't have a sword in his hand.

But my stories, on the other hand, are not like that.

The overlapping,
the way that my games are overlapped,
the way that I've distorted, children's fairy tales,
is not like any other distortion of children's fairy tales;
this is a lot more Jonathan Swifty in nature.

You would have, for instance, one character
that I have not bothered to make part of the game;
therefore I have no problem handing it off, would be

Jon Swift Crappier: a mix of Jonathan Swift and Jean S. Crappier:
the initial patenting frechman who created the porcelain toilet.

So, you have the SwiftCrapper ! who is very, very fast at being witty, and makes lots and lots of fertilizer.
He's efficient, and he never gets dirty in the midst of doing it.
He makes lots and lots of sewage, and he can always come up with more.
And it's well-processed,it's a fine-running machine for illiterary farce ,

that's one character I've never bothered to use, (too close to home, I guess)

anyone can use that kind of a character;
he's shooting the shit,he's just throwing the stuff, my goodness,
the fertilizer that that shit can create is AMAZING!

That'd be a wonderful character, wouldn't it? ....


Ok. Dealing with the way this story interacts with itself,:

if you watched Back To The Future 2 ...
Back To The Future 1 was not designed w/ a 2nd film in mind...
therefore, some of the first movie had to be reshot so that the 1st and 2nd movies made sense together.

PP The reason that I feel it is crucial for me to have full editing powers over my game ...
*The reason that editing of Brian's artwork and stories should be checked at anytime ...

Quite often in the game the most miniscule details ... the non hero shots,
the shots that would barely be in your perpheral vision:
backgrounds may in fact be
**a whole other game connectors.
They may not be used in this game but later on an upgraded version game
(or in another game entirely).
example: If You walk over to a cow in the far right corner of background,
in game version 1. nothing would happen.
but in game version 3, you would meet a cow that talks :
in game version 3a, the cow would lead you to the Glass Onion Woman,
who gives the ability to back upo in time and fix some of your mis-steps...

another one: In the a background is a line of trees
that has a huge scorch line through the center:
The scorch marks cut a hole through the trees
in the shape of a skull : a stretched out Halloween pumpkin face
made out of scorched trees,
( easier to show in picture than verbally) .
This image May in one game be a background, but in the next game upgrade
you can walk over to those trees, walk THROUGH the trees into another game sequence.

**********************NOT For everyones knowledge***************************
pp the main purpose of my game is not to train people how to work in computers. (which it will)
is to teach people life skills that are being forgotten
Those skills that may keep you alive if all electricity was cut off to your home..
or..how to live in a non-technological society..

$$$ for funding purposes, one of the aspects of the game will be to teach cross platform usage.

my whole series will be computer literacy training games;
certain "cheats" in the game would "inadvertantly" teach programming skills:
You could learn to access and use paint files to create doorways: (icon builders),
learn how to work with DOS shells,(re-arrange and re-direct your character's history /event file)
you could learn Program Management via Windows,
or conversion graphics delemas from mac to pc ..
other sections could be teaching you UNIX commands,

that is how I plan on getting this funded, by writing this into the business plan,
you can skip knowledge or "cheat" as you play by using computer based commands ...

pp underneath and beyond those, the real purpose of the game is to teach people older skills
such as how do you make wool, how do you fabricate , how do you grow you're own plants,
this will be the other part of the teaching game, the whole thing runs like a video-comedy game.

or you can kick back and not worry about finishing THE GAME and instead ,start learning.

" wow! This one knows how to MAKE MAPS !",
(REALLY knows how to make good maps... will end up teaching you architectural skills.)
"wow! This one knows how to COOK STUFF !
(REALLY knows how to cook... have easy bake recepies for solar cookers..)
And, Hey! someone ELSE knows how to DYE WOOL !
(REALLY knows how to dye wool... the old fashioned way...
using berries and emulsifiers.and where you buy certain materials in real life,
like actual names of large corporations who sell dying materials,
how to get a hold of farmers who own have sheep...)

ANYONE will be able to get this kind of information
by playing this game....THE LONG WAY.