(^ ThEY'rE_tH_EAR

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

oldoldold bit

>(^ written wordscan overlap (no..that was NOT a typo!) 


>(^ NEVER try to PASS w/out digesting at least NINE times.(it'll leave you in stitches...)


>(^ even trunkaided overt glanceovers would give you more..(ambiguity=true key to enlightenment..not attainment)



>(^                          z                A              B                  C              D                E             F             G           H          I

>(^                      (zone)          (U)           (PAir)          (Unit)      (PAr end)  (uNITE)   (paRENT)  (unites) (parALLel) (united)


>(^ value                IT           single        couple          few         some       group      family            tribe  extended    commune

>(^ structure       0=blank   1=noun  2=verb  3=sentence  4=phrase  5=query 6=hypothesis 7=datalog 8=alter 9=results

>(^ trig function  0=point     1=ray      2=line     3=shape  4=space 5=wireframe 6=wrap   7=generate  8=backup 9=save

>(^ camera        0=ref       1=pov     2=direction  3=focus     4=speed     5=path     6=trialrun  7=batch  8=set       9=run

>(^ perception   0=exist    1=aware 2=action     3=creation 4=substance 5=assess 6=judge   7=attrib 8=altar 9=sacrifice 

>(^ image          0=object  1=sprite   2=tool        3=make       4=anchor    5=move   6=use      7=attach 8=toon   9=next

>(^ color         0=clear      1=white    2=black      3=shade      4=hue         5=tone   6=palette 7=switch 8=blend 9=detach

>(^ texture      0=nil          1=smooth  2=checker  3=facet       4=map      5=stratify   6=plugin  7=apply 8=show  9=delete

>(^ sound      0=Tone        1=Note    2=Beat      3=Chord  4=Rythm   5=Melody  6=Harmony 7=Vocal 8=Tune 9=scratch

>(^ noise      0=all(static)  1=Mono    2=Dual       3=Trio        4=Quarrel   5=Quinine 6=Sextiply 7=Sept  8=Oct   9=Nova 


>(^                 TIME             VIEW        TAKE          GIVE           KEep        BAlance       HAve    TRade  REdirect CHange

>(^ ====================================================================================

>(^ ..and yet..below was my true start point.



>(^ inre:

>(^ !!!>(^ "shit",you have a lot to say it was damn near impossible to #digest# on first  "pass".<!!!


>(^   NEVER try to PASS w/out digesting at least NINE times...espessially if you haven't eaten in days.


>(^    ETHOtainment =ethics quest on enjoying rush of  ally creation vs hype for destroying enemies.                               


>(^ "Zero reads" is turning off before making ANYthing out of it. period. nothing.ziltcho.na da.

>(^ .no object ions. no lights.no camera.no speed.no sound. no take. no focus. no no.nonone.  

>(^  . =spot or - or_ linier thickness thought mark stabwound. thumbs down.just here. not there(yet)


>(^                                                          CREATION


>(^ "One digestive track" is barely a commercial. BUYorMEorSELLorLOT...but no connection..       THIS

>(^ 1=  pointer taken..a ray of hope. but only goes from here to....WHERE? ( WON =  " IT"  #nounORverb )


>(^                                                        RECREATION


>(^ "Two" comes close to "books" in readers digest format. great  for words like "PERfect"and "perFECT"

>(^ + =and or small x ... (crossroads..  crosshairs.. TOand/orTOO = " SUBJECT "  #verbANDnoun )        

>(^   (no gray levels..On/Off. but no switch makery "TAG" " IT"  .subJECT to this SUBject ) CHOOSE

>(^                                                                                                                                       ( THIS or THAT )

>(^                                          RECREATION(AL)RECREATION


>(^ "Three passes" will come close to military comprehends ion.WhiteBlackGray PlanAttackOutcome.

>(^        (I'm a gonnah tell, I tell, This is what I told.)distortion starts with tthe perception of   CHOICE(S).

>(^ y =/ depth charged perception\\.TREE TRI TRY(lateral .com).true SenTenseNess (This,That,theOtherthing )

>(^      \\ funnel to width a/\\o spray./ To From Re: branch structures...shades all gray. QUEST ions.

>(^                      /yes no maybe\\

>(^ z= also 3..(all odds but one)     \\ devining rod /  (*futuRE:*NOW*Past) DREAMSTATE

>(^ noteY=devine questioning..Z=motive answering(z=wild card=...link "uf"(NowPa(st*uf*f)utuRE:*)


>(^                                       RE:CREATION  ALT.  RECREATION



>(^ Four takes time, but may obtain first gyst. .good doc thing, too (EyeEarNoseThroat)

>(^ X= foil (FirstOuterInnerLast) TRUEspot..LOCALity. multiply instead of plus.


>(^ Five may cover the most we sternest deviancies' known seances. 


>(^ ....that's enuff.   GREP?   me niether.

>(^ my mind flashes all that kind of stuff when I'm just minding my own bussiness.

>(^ ...I stay awake nites trying to avoid devine insparation spurting at me from dreamstasis...

>(^ I can't type as fast as who/what/why ever this is wants me to.

>(^ ..sometimes feel like Mozart working on Requiem Mass.


>(^ >(^  I caught most of the drift and the VRML.


>(^ ..I wish I did. I'm just making this stuff up. All based on sleep depravation and POWERBARS !!! YUM !

>(^ (O.K, coffee nicotine and chocolate, too) 

>(^ What IZ scary...is I'm starting to see sequential links in Kline bottle mode.

>(^  Mobius strips' not wide enough

>(^ and Hypercubes may be fine for a room, but not a jinn bottle.