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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

finger drumbings of war muffins

mp3 includes me around 9:55 speaking of bicycles and muffins that saved my life.
(^ thanks http://exileguy.mypodcast.com/200743_archive.html, specifically http://exileguy.mypodcast.com/2007/10/Drums_Of_War-51574.html

(^ these things still matter
(^ when oh bomb ah ha isn't REALLY changing
(^ how we kill: just adjusting ...whom and where.
(^ even the WHY seems a never ending battle for commodities marketeers.

(^ here's to deflation.
(^ poverty to the highest for the lowest denominations. aye ?..mmMAN !
(^ the bluebloods come in all shapes and sizes don't they?

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  1. m_) I'll still need to catch up with that. 9 minutes attention.

    m_) That's the amount gold yet not in my account. We'll see though. m_) Already interests me enough knowing they include you.


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