(^ ThEY'rE_tH_EAR

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

(^ far past pasted in the beginnings:

(^ seems the TrappedGoldfish
has gotten BUSY uncovering and decompressing some of my far past:

(^so. tHere.

(^ this one or two shows that Mr.B isn't quite finished making stuff,

(^ no matter how often people try to claim he is.


  1. Funny - at 0:59 eWE can hEAR my dog arf arf in the background.

    Cheap way to transfer digitally...but it works.

  2. m_) Weeldly some serious quality here, if we are willing to show off work of Bruce. It will go sadly unnoticed otherwise.

    m_) you know how people is: not always wanting to know, you know..that UNLESS behavior-method-kind-of-ways.

    m_) I may have to do that myself at some point. Let me claim my reign first, then the legacy of bruce will be my priority, followed by yours.

    m_) Inherently, Bruce remains in my head as the master of morphing. As for you, Brian, well, you don't like that term but..

  3. m_) anyhow, great effort building up some history for future generations to come, Mike. Always catching up.
    m_) I wish I had more time to write as decent/concentrated as I'd prefer.

    m_) Spark the fire and all.

  4. a work in progress... always in motion.. still morphing... changing shape/size/... a pleasure to lean back and let the amazing mr. bickford's amazing animations take over... a pleasure.


(^ yesknow
typ0h away.