(^ ThEY'rE_tH_EAR

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

(^ in test EYE nul MODlin'

(^ Intrestin' fax about how to make folk crack a smile:
(^when highly trained not to.

(^ ye trick 'em
by distractin'
to the point
of emotional


  1. Re: “trick”

    I think your “ (^ “ is genius. Serves many purposes really. But I like your reasons about dealing with forwarded emails. Much easier to decipher >(^ than >>>>>… I also like your idea of changing email subject titles when the conversation shifts gears – I’ve never done that before until just recently. Thanks, it helps keep thinKgs/me on track.

    If you ever see some abnormalities in my writing, it’s not me poking fun of your original writing style. It’s because I find it interesting to read and naTHurEallY it wants to run rampant when I write. I control it most of the time because otherwise I would just look like a Prosser PrOSsER. Even though, truth be told...I used to write Similar (not as intelligent though) in the past. Puts more meaning into words that otherwise seem mundane. So I enjoy reading your stuff even if I don't understand it sometimes...which is even better.
    ...Because it distracts and makes me think. I won't even get into the videos and pics you include! That's a different story but a good'un.

  2. (^ as long as you translate from dutch to english , I'll be fine.
    (^ oh wait. that's someone else.
    book maker you. i've seen sme mighty fine micro sized books made: can't recall. may have been emmyme.

    (^ have fun thrusting your own subtext wherever it helps you thrive.


(^ yesknow
typ0h away.