(^ ThEY'rE_tH_EAR

Saturday, October 25, 2008

(^ precosIOUs ronandonandon = preconscious randomization

(^ dyeye mear precosIOUs ronandonandon.:
(^ the reasons festivals won't take works
(^ available via the net
(^ is pretty straight forward.

(^ it's the competion.
(^ tHere. let me unlock this one
(^ spell checkerred line mmmkAkey?

splck ` competion ` =
completion competition competitor competitive compensation
(^ oh wait! too rich:
splck ` mmmkAkey? ` = malarkey? moneymaker? filmmaker? merrymaker?

(^ mmmkAkey! yep. black hat or whiteouted blank check?
(^ there's LESS COST and MORE NOTICE via the net, silly bean.

(^ but " quality over quantitactics "
(^ might relate to my bit on slaving systems burried deep in this podcast.

(^ ..consider it my cookie
(^ to go down with the milkbathed distribution cost:


Friday, Oct 24, 2008 Un-Timely episode (31 min)
the Radio Free Exile podcast entitled "Un-Timely"

featuring music & spoken word from:

John Staedler - "You already know everything, remember"
Walter Comer - "In America"
Guardagujas - "58 bestias (con Noam Chomsky)"
Calling Brian - "slavedriver"


= slave driver slaved river slaveholder screwdriver slavery

Timothy Scott - "In Love We Trust"
Ry Cooder - "Goodnight Irene"

(^ what the hell this have to do with novice notices?!
(^ everything.
(^ you want a distributor or not?
(^ yiou really think I'm anti cash crop
(^ or you pooling my legheirs?

(^ are you offering to pay em to do it
(^ or are you paying them
(^ to just no'ice you exsubsist in the first/last place?

branch out! http://exileguy.mypodcast.com/index.html

(^ USe yOUR eWEs! http://www.youtube.com/EdwoundWisent

(^ now to see if it has any effect
(^ goodnite ireene
(^ so yeah.. knOWE I NEED A SMOKE signal
((^ ..and from thereinon I'm still post gusty scatterman..^))

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