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Saturday, October 25, 2008

(^ a mresponse to eye dot things. uncut.

(^ may I quote this?

(^ I am aware how difficult my writings are to translate from english into other languages.
(^ I want others to see what you wrote. would you mind?
(^ you can reach me at windupwinded@gmail.com or woundupwounded@gmail.com to respond.

(^ please try to understand:

(^ my main focus is on helping those with autism spectrum disorders
(^ head traumas and other neurological dysfunctions.

(^ I FEIGN these elements myself, but am a very good actor. you follow? :smirks:
(^ if you were to watch my vlog on youtube: you would see how I NORMALLY speak.

(^ in tangents. a free flowing thought pattern of choises made in time by me connecting the videos into a personal footnote.

(^ I am not a cubist 9perse) nor a surealist:

(^ I am an etherist.

(^ one who speaks with no body of work:
(^ only emotional content that HINTS at things that matter to me.

(^ and you just made my list.

(^ if you were to want to find my writings and ask what the heck some of it ment, personally email me and I'll try to unravel some of it into straight speak ok?

(^ the video I'm about to link you to is painful but has had a profound effect on me for i have a nephew who is very much a teenaged autistic youth who has far more difficulty fiitting in than i do.

(^ and I have watched MANY a stop motion animator 9 many of them people I knew: met: worked under decades ago) lose their minds and or become cancerous from the effects work industry's inability to do certain tasks in a non toxic manner for need of hitting deadlines.

(^ to that end, I decided to prod those who KNOW: into revealing some of the noxious truths.
(^ but at the same time, not wanting to frighten newbes into NOT learning how to animate. just find ways of doing it safely.

I chose to write in a fashion that would cause MOST to ignore my posts.

(^ but trust me: those that know me, and or know what i'm doing,
(^ watch and ponder what i say because I"m NOT trying to become an animator.

(^ just being a story teller.

(^ thank you for trying to understand something designed to belly punch
(^ certain folk into remembering careers are not as important
(^ as those human beings they effect. and change for good and better.

(^ with all that said: hit the little "?/!" button in the upper corner of
(^ and it unlocks too many of my words that are open to the public.


  1. All's I know is..."Prosser" is roughly translated to "a true storyteller".

  2. Blogger Michael LeTendre said...

    All's I know is..."Prosser" is roughly translated to "a true storyteller".

    (^ funny. MT spellchecker claims
    "Prosser" = Crosser Grosser
    Proser Presser Prosier :

    (^ while ` LeTendre ` = Legendre

    (^ I try to INSTIGATE stories that open up the mind's eye more than slam the inseparable link betwixt left and right brain cortex off.

    (^ need use both sides of the head if not full body knowlege to inpire inovation:

    (^ VERY hard to do when most are trained to follow directrives more than generate thier own.

    (^ I do what I can when I find suitable time fer it.
    (^ but thanks for making book(s)

    (^ i still need a serious e-dress to toss you some .psd leafs with transparent backgrounds.

    ^^ well. off to helping clear out yet another potential attic studio space.
    (^ toodles!

  3. Here's something funny...do you know how to properly pronounce "LeTendre"?

    Pronunciation: 'la-ton'
    Etymology: it's French Canadian :)

    in high school my nickname for some was "LatonDRE".
    ("Hey LatonDRE, you're da man hey!")

    e-dress? Like email? mike_letendre@hotmail.com

  4. (^ and you just made my list.

    Can I be on your list?

  5. (^ mich: you been on my list ever since I first gandered yer guiterrmakin skillsettled.


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