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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

(^ with greatful permission of the author(s):

idothing wrote:

...(^ eWE dote on hinges.
(^ HA! he up and seperated it out for me! the gag was this: we never spoke. i called and left a random chunk of noise to a non asked question. and he slapped his end on afterwords. even the front end was faked:
Flavourite chunk of my voice
(^ ok REALLY dung 4 2nite
(^ Favored rites: splecking ' seperated ' =

separated exasperated temperated recuperated cooperated

(^ Hello inout tHere/hEARted\hEAR...

> First: I have to apologize
(^ 4wh@?
> for not replying after my first attempt of de-lurking,

(^ knOWe: eWE've made up for it by far.
(^ the chunk of storytelling was wonderous.

> the real de-lurking happened here: - Confessions of an Ex-Lurker.

I read the board - especially the Newbie-Corner for months.
And I've learned.
And your postings were all the time
- how should I say - different.

For a long time I had troubles to get the informations you gave.
But I bookmarked many of them. ToFor re-reading another time.

It was sometimes very hard to understand
and many times I haven't had the nerve
or the time
to sit down and figure out, what you tried to say.

First I said - and pleas don't take this as offensive -
"oh no, another arty-farty guy
who hides something in his blabbering
that might be interesting.

Might be".

Me stupid stupid rat-creature.

Then I found the way to see it as kind of modern art -

take your time and it will show it's story.

Cubism isn't just about abstracting things so much
that they mean something new,
it's abstracting thINKgs to a special point,
where something new (r)evolves,
\/ born out of something
that was there all the time
and shows its face in a new way.

Something like that.

And yes: I felt very honoured to get my very first reply by you ! And now being added at youtube. Okay, this might mean nothing in the internet aera, having "friends" on myspace.com and all that stuff. Nothing can ever compensate a good talking with looking in each others eyes and looking out for the truth between the lines of the other ones words, by listening to how he talks and how his voice sounds, and how he moves his hands, and all that.

This was the reason why I just contributed just a few postings for a blog a few years ago and never read any forums. I didn't believe, that this all can work out, and still I belive (or hope), that nothing ever might be able to compensate a good talk on the veranda in the middle of the desert or with an old friend, accompained by a beer too much... Stuff like that. But yes, the stopmotionanimation bord opend another window.

So what is it what I would like to say ?! Thank you for sharing so much of what you've learned about stop-motion and life. Thanks for helping us newbies. And my admiration for your work. Unique style is something that dies out in our days (hey, I'm 32 already, I am allowed to talk about days gone by long time ago already !).

Here is something that might interest you - concerning uniqueness (not that I have anything to tell you about that...): You might not be a fan of his music, but he absolutely has got something to say - http://www.vai.com/LittleBlackDots/MLS_index.html
Steve Vai giving lectures about uniqueness as a musician, developing your "own sound", and your "own voice"... Quite interesting thougts...

So all the best and thanks a lot for everything. Michael. With deep gratitude.


  1. Is it stupid to reply to an article oneself mailed and then got posted ? We will see...

    "eWE dote on hinges" - this one caught me during lunchbreak and lunch gone wrong way through my nostrils. So not only I had a good laugh...

    Can't listen to the audiofiles right now, because no sound on computer at work. But on the other hand couldn't wait to reply...

  2. (^ not stupid at all, friend.
    (^ I wish I had some of dan bern's songs he sung in German to toss to you. perhaps he'll let me do that in the future.

    (^ for now, I wish to allow letendre to see your post to be about the river documentary: but will await your decision .

    (^ I've been studing this person's growing desire to make trees and books.
    (6 i know him about as well as I know you.
    (^ which is to say, never actually spoken, but try to commune none the less.


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