(^ ThEY'rE_tH_EAR

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

(^ the tree room I helped design

(^ just got off the phone with the man that lives up in ere.


  1. From that first picture the house kinda looks like a miniature house made from clay! Maybe i've just been looking at too much of bickford's clay stuff lately, but that house is unreal! I'm not surprised you helped your friend Barry. A house as creative as that one deserves an artist like you involved in the process.

    That host George is a lil' annoying though isn't he?

  2. why do you put that stuff in front of
    your words? I never bother to read what you have to say because it's so much work.

  3. (^?

    Maybe that's why he does it.
    Maybe he understands most
    ......."normal people".......
    won't waste their time when
    they see " (^ " and move on
    because it's too much of a
    hassle to read. But MAYBE he
    doesn't really CARE or WANT
    those kindza people reading
    what he wrote anyway. Maybe
    the people that can look past
    it and find fun in reading his
    ramblings are his audience.
    just maybe...
    it's a habit he got into and decided to stick with it.
    Is it really THAT much work to read?
    While you ignore (^, I search for it!

  4. (^ crackers, by georgeocities ,
    (^ I thINgK Michael's got it.

    (^ " please ignore the blind oddball contrary behind the lefthanded curtain...^)

    " these are not the droids eWE're looking for..." ;)

    (^ I've been working in neurologic disorders and how to generate awareness of why most ppl aren't not worth the autistics' time to take note of for decades.

    poor anonkneemouse...
    thanks fer sharin' tho!
    (^ I'll start looking forward to reading every unmarked by author signifier I can, just to show how much I appreciate the input of your outcaste marker note.

    (^ .. i seldom thrEAD multiple
    "me too" posts either,
    (^ tho jriggedy's are noteworthy.

    ::waves at the guitar maker::
    (^ I'm off to make muffins and study my sister in law's new boyfriend.

  5. "(^ I've been working in neurologic disorders and how to generate awareness of why most ppl aren't not worth the autistics' time to take note of for decades."

    guitar maker> Splck “neurologic” =
    neurolinguistics, neurotic,neural, neutralize, nourish

    *"It's very likely Einstein was autistic, as well as a whole host of other people throughout history. How about appreciating autistic people for who they are, not who you wish they were?"

    guitar maker> You won't believe it, but I tore apart my band stage set today to use the brick wall for my smile clip. If I ever deside to finish "jigsaw" i'll build a bigger and better one. Until that day, Radio Head rests in their coffin (tupperware.) I also made blueberry muffins.

    *Quote taken from UrbanDictionary:
    autistic: 4.

  6. I wasn't aware that you were autistic, Prosser.

    That puts a whole new spin on things...

  7. (^ i have a nephew who is mid level autistic, pram.
    (6 i personally am more likely to be in the aspergers end of that spectrum.
    (^ i'm pretty open about it.
    (^ slightly different from being a sociopath, but maybe not by much.
    (^ social norms change dependant on which circle of wolves you packrun with.

  8. Any word on that "river documentary" you wanted to share with me?
    I really enjoyed reading Michael's "confessions of an ex-lurker" post.

    Why did you want me to talk with him anyway?

  9. neurologic in this splecker sways

    neurological neurologist neurology urological.

    (^ but perhaps the google spllchck comes up different.
    (^ hmmmnn.
    (^ ok so on the river note: (
    (^ I'll have to dig thru past e-mails to me personal: or perhaps it was thru myspace.
    (^ but the piece idothing was discussing with me is heartwrenchingly surreal and very pertainent to using animation to uncovering harsh truths being covered up for centuries bubbling to the surface near his home.
    (^ i'll try to pass you a fwd privately when i dredge it up out of my archives.

    (^ I think you'd understand why I wished to share it with you but not everyone.


(^ yesknow
typ0h away.