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Monday, October 13, 2008

(^ old iguanaland darkside of mother goose shot


  1. Hey Brian,
    Nice collage. I like the title too. Wear are those photos from?

    (^I used to make collAGES in high school buhhh-t I was stoned a lot and didn't know a lot. Actually I think I was more mature than I am now. Let me know if you wanna see 'em. I still haven't forgotten 'bout those g'tars. Haven't made them yet either though.

  2. (^ drop the guitars. sword in the stone's more important.

    (^ this series was from a show called the dark side of mother goose:
    I may have one of the only surviving cassettes of the songs.

    (^ glad to see you again. must be settling into the new digs eh?

  3. settling in, yeah...but so are some rodents (mice and moles.) So I spent today tearing down a wall (the wall attached to my room), re-insulated it and put new plywood up. Fun filled day for sure (not sarcastic.)

    Nofby won't let me know what I should make. He's an excellent prop maker, so I wonder where I can help. I should email him.

  4. (^ i guess that worked. on to MY tail of rat packers and deciding which images to get plopped near which wordage:
    I may have left you a note over on flicker . I THINK that was you, but my names get befuddled at times.

    ah. wait. perhaps that's the ineffable specific think. he has links off to my flikr account(s) off his blog.

  5. (^ yep. that's it. I've been confoozling you with someone in europe AND someone in L.A.
    (^ my mind dances a bit TOO MUCH at times

  6. Blogger stephanie said...

    What the heck?... Melvyn, come back!!!

    I'm new to his blog... does he do this while revamping / renaming? (The Infallible Specific is such a cool name!)



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