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Friday, January 30, 2009

(^ frozen water towers of babble on

who is bored?

(^ then listen up.

(^ I do sometimes while experimenting with alternate ways
of communing with others.

(^thanks exileguy.


  1. Had to delete to previous because I accidently copied and pasted the wrong text...

    So thanks for the link about the free podcasting service. I usually listen to a lot of radio here and very seldomly turn on the TV - just to turn it off a minute later, all disgusted.
    Radio is one of the last medias where you can get information not sandwiched between attention-draining advertising. Depending on the station, sure. But then, when it all works out, the old maigic is still there. Listening to the world outside and being limited to their voices only and no vomit-inducing camera angles and high speed "you must...." - argh - I'm getting in THAT mood again. So thanks a lot, I am currently listening while writing. Great stuff


(^ yesknow
typ0h away.