(^ ThEY'rE_tH_EAR

Friday, November 13, 2009

(^ fri0NEthree: a tWITCHin the mix

(^ decided to pop and plop an old sculpt of mine here as contextual link to r=treacle mining:


Shelley Noble said...

Oh gosh, Brian! She fabulous! What a great witch!

bRYEnd_of_the_schtick said...

(^well thanks shelly. she's evolved quite a bit since those pics were taken, but her tale's the same. a brewer . never know what she's gong to mix into boiled water.

Seamus Jennings said...

She reminds me of Baba Yaga. Wonderful!

bRYEnd_of_the_schtick said...

(^oh! seamus! been a while!
(^ sorry about that: life's been zooming past.

but http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_1Ud5dKobnKM/SwSLCIvPU-I/AAAAAAAAAJQ/_UfenVKetiI/s320/DSC00456.JPG Chinstrap is getting a manicure within the month.
((^ meaning a little clown may end up having better hands to manipulate puppets and juggle with.))