(^ ThEY'rE_tH_EAR

Monday, December 29, 2008

(^ yet another potential worker for Mr.B..

(^ just got a beautifulness box from this animator as well.

Radiohead - "Everything in its Right Place" Unofficial Music Video from Mike LeTendre on Vimeo.

(^ what I like most is his ability to learn pretty darn quicklike.

(^ who knows. maybe he'll end up reverse engineering some stripped down to storyboard level content, during the next year, unless his guitars become too in demand for him to stop making them.


Mike said...

Thanks, would it be prossible to get a photo of the box? I forgot to take one and have some memories (drawings) attached that i'd like a photo of for a future portfolio.

Word Verification "dabligu" =
DABble, IGUana, able, i go.

emmyymme said...

Very cool Prosser!

Don said...

Great to finally see this video! I followed all the behind the scenes stuff, but didn't notice when it was released. Must have gotten distracted.