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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

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THIS place often has interesting ..stuff.
(^ when you put this

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(^ then eWE ca..N..zzzz..T.. sPEAK into each other's soul perposals.

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proposals perpetuals perusals personals

Tuesday, May 19, 2009



Tuesday, May 12, 2009

(^ recalling thINKgs to forget about it

from one more thing to forget

==========fun . i love this sort of sojourn: ========

Thursday, January 8, 2009
monster road continues
at the gate.
is he asleep? did he forget i was coming?
this is my first day working with bruce.
he doesn't answer the phone at first and i call brian to help me.
"real simple," brian says, although it is seldom simple with a guy like brian. i guess bruce was taking a piss off the back porch, he tells me. he's coming out now and brian keeps talking.
something about bruce makes me think of nick cave. i think its how his long white hair sticks up at front. a widows peak?
bruce walks slowly to the gate. opens it. lets me in.
i drive my car slowly up his drive and he leads the way on foot. i watch has he bends over a wood pile beside his house and rearrange a blue tarm cover. he pushes a little wheelbarrow behind the house. hes been collecting wood, he tells me.
"how is the drawing coming along?" i ask him. someone from west virginia gave bruce an upfront commission to draw something, anything at all. fifty bucks. six months later, he worked on it a little.
martin olsen is also waiting for something. some guy at disney asked for bruce to send him something. some guy at dark horse comics, too. six months later, bruce has some sketches and loose outlines.
bruce recently saw dark knight. wally pfister personally recommended it to him when they met at the denver film festival.
today, we are walking around his kitchen and discussing the origins of these projects. he has an old wood country stove and an electric camping kit.
he heats up some water in an old tea kettle and offers me a cup of osmething hot.
brian told me yesterday, i was brave to accept it. the camera crew was a bit weary as if there is something in the tea. psychoactive chemicals and they'll make you crazy!
i'm glad brian isn't with us today. he can be a bit dramatic and over analyze things.
we worked on a press release together. i'm not sure if this is what he should be doing right now but i'm not sure how to orchestrate a better plan.
a photographer showed up with pictures. i told her that brian brought me and she was confused. she doesn't know him, bruce told me.
"who is brian?"
"he is a nutcase," he tells her. "he is useful for some things but he argues all the time and he alienates people."
bruce told her about his recent discovery of caffeine and his adverse reactions to it. he had this conversation with me, too.
we took a tour of the garage. bruce walked around and showed us things. some clay figurines are from the zappa years and i recognise them from videos i had seen on-line.
funny how the other day, brian said bruce was allergic to the oils in the clay. he said bruce was unable to enter the garrage because he was so adverse to the fumes. and here, bruce is walking through his history with us.
i am begining to rethink everything brian had told me.
(^ as if telling a tale is the same as living it.
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Friday, May 8, 2009

"PHIL": "Phil" Lyrics

"PHIL": "Phil" Lyrics

(^ it's just stuff that's just tough.

(^ hi_tHere. prosser overThere.
(^ just refibulating a few loose tendrils:
(6 I wish to start spewing your
T.H.E. .M.U.S.E. .A.N.D.. .W.H.I.R.L.E.D. .R.E.T.O.R.T.

(^ you mind?
i want to start by simply tex dumping the below:with perhaps a link to the myspace or wherever you'd like that has the rest of the rant:


T.H.E. .M.U.S.E. .A.N.D.. .W.H.I.R.L.E.D. .R.E.T.O.R.T.
May 01, 2009
Vol X Issue vii
New York, NY

Ya know how when you watch news reports of say… an anti war protest that you attended, and you sit there scratching your head going – "That's not the event I was at, that's not at all what happened."

They report one hundred thousand people as a thousand. Some right wing or even main stream media outlet would interview the most whacked out far leftist saying, "The planes… if they WERE planes… wink wink… were flown by remote control from an adapted X-box joy stick by Dick Cheney and his dominatrix, Ann Coulter from their private bunker so he could start a war and give the public treasury to Halliburton who is using the profits to build concentration camps for any one who has ever considered contributing to National Public Radio." Then the reporter looks straight into the camera and says, "Well there you have it, the voice of the left."

That's what I was thinking when I was watching news reports of the "Tea Parties." I would watch the most whacked out misinformed inarticulate right wingers spout far out hate. "Nancy Pelosi's mother was a secret mistress to Adolph Hitler who satisfied his cross dressing fetish in order to keep any one from knowing the Pelosis are Masons."

I actually found myself having sympathy for the right. I know how it feels. The other side takes your arguments and twists them into some divisive diatribe.

Then I realized, I wasn't watching the other side. I was actually watching Fox News. The ones who sponsored the event.. This wasn’t some left wing news channel trying to smear the right.

This WAS the right.

This was the best they had to offer. This was actually their point of view. HOLY COW!

My favorite moment in the news coverage was Rush Limbaugh stuttering and stammering - obviously confused about the meaning of tea bag - saying. "I gave myself a bikini wax for this?" (not in New Jersey but I digress…)

Don't get me wrong, I love a good demonstration even if I don't agree with it. But that's just it. This was embarrassing. I blushed. Not since George Bush declared "Mission Accomplished," has anyone gotten it so wrong. Now, I realize that these events were meant to be symbolic, but that’s just it. They didn’t even seem to understand the symbolism of their own symbolic event. I found myself craving tea well, at least symbolically. Oddly many of the events actually served tea.

The whole reason America is hooked on coffee instead of tea is because of – well the Boston Tea Party.

I mean, when they called them selves "Tea Parties." I assumed they were naming them selves after the afore mentioned event – but I am not really sure. They did wear three cornered hats and sounded like they had drunk a few to many Sam Adams. Their ideals, however, seemed to have more in common with some blue blood aristocratic ritual involving the serving of tea from heirlooms with finger bowls and mango chutney than what happened in the bitter cold Boston winter of 1773.

Ya see, in 1773 the East Indies Company (the Wal-Mart of its day) which owned the tea that was thrown into the Boston harbor was actually receiving a tax break. The enormous profits allowed the East Indies company to avoid middle men (ie colonial merchants who did not receive such a tax break and had no representation) and set up their own "big Box" stores driving local merchants from business. (sound familiar?)

If the Tax Day Protests wanted to resemble the Boston Tea party they should have gone out and hijacked a Wal-Mart truck and thrown its goods into the Boston Harbor. They should have protested goliaths like Exxon and Mobile. They should have commandeered a freighter and poured the oil into the ocean. Oh, wait that's are already happening.

They should have come here to Washington DC and joined the cause for state hood. Our license plates – by the way – read "No Taxation With Out Representation."

There are after all more… umm…. American citizens? in the District than there are in the State of Wyoming. (Who gets three votes in congress.)

Where are those Tea Partiers on that issue. I am sure they would be for it if only their weren’t all those pesky poor black people that might be given a voice. The radicals in Boston had more in common with Somali pirates than they do with Sean Hannity.

Somalia, after its government collapsed in the early nineties, has had foreign ships (many who considered Somali a colony at one point in their history) trolling their undefended waters harvesting seafood to the brink of extinction. The "developed world" is contributing to the starvation there far more than any foreign aid package is helping. But the biggie is merchant vessels steaming to Somalia for the purpose dumping nuclear waste (YES nuclear waste) in its defenseless waters. Gotta put it somewhere. After the 2005 Tsunami hundreds of the dumped barrels washed up on shore. Radiation sickness killed more than three hundred.

I don't think I would be to happy about seeing a merchant vessel either.

Sure many of the Somali pirates are thugs and gangsters looking out for their own self interest, just like… well those who dumped tea into the harbor in Boston.

Like America's colonial history – the closest thing the Somalis have to any sort of navy to protect its harbors are pirates. Where is Jean Lafitte when ya need him? Now, I am not justifying hijacking ships and commandeering its goods but isn't that what happened in Boston?

Is that the American way the right wants to promote?

Didn't we just have eight years of that? It has been only a hundred days and they are already screaming change! Personally, I won't be happy until it is the fat cats out on the street, hat in hand saying, "Change?"

And the working class walking by saying, "Mission accomplished."


(^ thank you chris chandler. and just for that: tHERE!

(^ pennies are dollars 0.01=1.00

Not Possible IRL: Chortle, chuckle, grin and guffaw - Smile, you are NOT on Candid Camera, you are in SL + Your homework assignment

Not Possible IRL: Chortle, chuckle, grin and guffaw - Smile, you are NOT on Candid Camera, you are in SL + Your homework assignment